A Slow Monday

Monday October 21st 2019

It was a little warmer than yesterday. The temperature peaked around eighty under a bright sunny sky. There was also a strong wind out of the north, but I only really felt it while away from the RV park in town. When they built this campground they surrounded it with a high earth berm. The material for the berm probably came from turning a swampy area into the lake. The overall landscape works. The berm diverts the wind and the lake provides a great focal point in addition to the wildlife it attracts.

This morning was rather cool inside my RV home. It caused me to stay under the covers for a long time. Getting started today was very slow. Between breakfast, internet reading and a few chores it was mid afternoon before I was ready to start the day. Then yesterday’s nemesis came into play. The Patriots vs Jets football game coverage started at 5PM. It was a good day, but not very active.

I see this pair on every walk. I’ve started calling them George and Gracie.

I continue to enjoy walking around the lake in the center of the campground. It’s interesting to observe how comfortable some of the ducks are with people. The ones that come into the campground and spend time under peoples RVs will let you walk by within a few feet. Some will even try to stare you down. The more wild varieties of water fowl are a little more cautious. Some will jump in the water and swim away while others don’t react unless you walk toward them.

I’m beginning to think many of the out of state people staying in this park are here on their way south. They delay here for a few days to a few weeks waiting for the ideal time to arrive at their destination for the winter. That’s basically why I’m here. I don’t want to start the monthly clock in Las Vegas until after the twenty fourth in order to time my departure at the end of February. My neighbor from Washington State is waiting for the daytime high temperatures in the Arizona desert to get lower. They are headed for a winter of boondocking on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land near Quartzsite AZ. Cooler temperatures are vital to allowing their solar panels and generator to keep up with their power demands. Several other residents of the park have more solar panels on their roofs than they need to stay in this park. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they have a similar destination.

More Football Games on TV

Sunday October 20th 2019

Today’s high temperature was the low point on the backside of the cold front that passed through the area yesterday. It was a nice sunny day with a little wind and a high temperature in the low seventies. Tomorrow the temperature will be back to seasonal norms near eighty.

Great Egret getting some rest in a tree.

I didn’t do much today, so this blog entry is a bit of a boring day in the life tale. Football games on TV caught me again today. I was still warming up inside over breakfast when the games started on TV. Watching the game is my excuse for not getting active right away. It may be a bad reason, but I’ll own it as an excuse. After the game I took my first walk of the day around the lake. The resident Great Egret and the ducks were all busy with their daily life. Most of the ducks will let you walk by within a couple of feet before they spook. The Great Egret on the other hand will fly to the other side of the lake if you get within twenty feet.

Great Egret down in the water with a little friend.

The next act of today’s play was preparing lunch and getting engrossed in another football game. There seems to be some affinity between eating and football watching in this time zone; at least for me. My second walk of the day was to view the sunset and check out the Halloween decorations. Not as many residents had their decorations turned on tonight. The park in general has more empty sites tonight than other nights. Some residents that I thought were here for the long term even departed along with all the weekend residents. I really can’t get a handle on the population at this RV park.

The last football game of the day, the “Sunday Night Game”, ends around 8PM. That’s a little late to start my day and too early for bed. A little reading, writing this blog entry and more TV consume the remainder of the day. Football watching never consumed my day in the Eastern time zone, but I’m sure letting it in the Pacific time zone.

Halloween is Coming

Saturday October 19th 2019

The day started cool and was slow to warm up. The temperature finally peaked in the mid seventies late in the afternoon. As soon as the sun set the temperature started to drop again.

I spent most of the day at home in the RV park. There was a lot of activity in the park. The amphitheater area had been rented out for a wedding. The area was decorated in a fall theme with plenty of orange and brown colors. The reception was held in the same place as the ceremony complete with a DJ that played mostly country music.

In other areas of the campground people were working on their Halloween decorations for the contest at the end of the month. Most people are using inflatable figures as the center piece of their decorations. There were several blow up pumpkins, a witch or two and a dragon. The more old school ghosts, ghouls and skeletons were also plentiful. I understand that the contest has been going on for years. People plan their fall around being here during the Halloween season to participate and view the decorations.

Decorating for Halloween is not my thing. It wasn’t very common when I was growing up in New England. There is more everywhere today. I’ll enjoy looking at what other people do for Halloween. For Christmas, I’ll do a little decorating, but not yet. I’ll wait until after Thanksgiving before I start to decorate for Christmas, even though Christmas Movie Marathons are already starting on TV. The Hallmark Movies and Mysteries network started continuous Christmas Movie last night. The regular Hallmark channel and the Lifetime network start at the end of next week. They provide benign noise on the TV at odd hours.

A Slow Friday

Friday October 18th 2019

Yesterday’s wind slowly dissipated as today progressed. It was a generally cooler overall. The high temperature in the low seventies was almost ten degrees below Thursday.

Some of the mountains on the west side of the valley.
Higher peaks on the east side of the valley.

For some reason the campground really emptied out this morning. There were more vacant sites today than I’ve seen any day this week. I thought they would be filled with weekend campers, but there are still a good number of sites vacant. Every campground has its own ebb and flow of arrivals and departures. I’ve given up any hope of figuring it out, but it’s fun to try.

The local Great Egret was back to posing on top of a building.
Some of the Halloween decorations at one of the sites in the RV park.

I drove around the Pahrump valley a little more today. It is interesting how quickly it goes from flat to mountain. There is nothing gradual about it. This area seems to be completely surrounded by mountain ridges. I came in through a pass in the mountains to the north. Net week I will have to leave over another pass to the southeast to get to Las Vegas. When I go to Death Valley National Park I’ll have to pass over some mountains to the west. It doesn’t look like there are any significant roads over the higher peaks on the east side of the valley.

While I was out I stopped in a couple of the local casinos. Like the one at the campground, they are really small. Probably because of the size, I wasn’t motivated to send any money on entertainment. One of the things that I like about Las Vegas casinos is the size and spectacle of the whole place. They make for great people watching.

A Windy Day at Home

Thursday October 17th 2019

It was another beautiful day with a high temperature in the low eighties. The new wrinkle was the wind. A strong wind out of the southwest blew all day. The TV weather reported winds over 25 mph with gusts even higher. The result was greatly reduced visibility from the dust induced haze.

The wind kept the flag out straight all day.
My friend the Great Egret was back today.

The long term residents of this RV park are getting into the Halloween spirit. There is a contest on Halloween for the best decorated site. Walking around the campground during the day you can see lots of decorated sites. There are grave yards, skeletons, mummies and ghosts, but during daylight they aren’t very impressive. Walking through the same areas after dark is really spooky. They’ve done a good job. I tried to take some pictures, but the lighting was to weak. I’ll try again with my better camera. On the other hand, the bright orange string lights and blow up pumpkins are very photogenic.

The ducks were on shore more than in the water during the heavy wind.
Some of the bright orange Halloween decorations.

Laundry, Ducks and Walks

Wednesday October 16th 2019

The temperature didn’t quite make it to the forecast high of 90 degrees. The layer of clouds associated with the incoming front arrived early. During the hottest part of the day, the sun was blocked by clouds. On a positive note, the clouds added some interest to tonight’s sunset.

Today was laundry day. This RV park has plenty of laundry facilities. One of the three locations is located in a building right behind my RV. It was easy to walk back and forth between my RV home and the facility rather than waiting in the little room. The washing machines were reasonably priced at $2.00 a load. The dryer was similarly priced, but I don’t like fixed price washers. The kind that gives you X minutes per quarter is easier to get your clothes dry. Today after the $2.00 and forty minutes not everything was dry. I didn’t have eight more quarters and I probably wouldn’t use them if I did. Two dollars for a few minutes doesn’t make sense. Instead, I have stuff draped all over the inside of my RV home to finish drying. Hopefully, it will be dry before I need to use the bed.

The remainder of my day was spent duck watching interspersed with walks around the lake. The Great Egret that has entertained me the last few days wasn’t around today. I see ducks and other birds arrive and fly away from the lake every now and then. There must be other water areas around for them, but I’m not sure where in this desert area.

Checking out some of Pahrump

Tuesday October 15th 2019

It was another beautiful weather day. The temperature peaked in the low eighties with full sunshine and very little wind. The only reminder that it’s fall is the sunset. It is dark shortly after six. Getting used to the longer period of darkness during fall and winter is always a transition. I don’t really notice the gradual change. It seems like all of a sudden I realize it is getting dark much earlier.

Today was another quiet day in the RV park. I suspect the quiet is caused by the work day. Many of the RVs seem to be used by locals either as their primary residence or in a few cases a secondary one. There aren’t a lot of cars or people around during the day. Near evening the cars and the people return.

I drove around the community of Pahrump today. It is more developed than I remember from my first visit during a trip to Las Vegas. It was shortly after the turn of the century. All I remember from my first visit was a couple of small casinos, a few stores and a gas station of two. The casinos look like they’ve gotten bigger and there are many more stores. There are several RV parks that look nice along with a few wineries. I’m just not sure what I want to do in town.

I plan to drive out to Death Valley National Park for a day trip or two. It’s about sixty to seventy miles northwest, so it has to be on a day that I get an early start. I’ve been sleeping in since I got here. I’m resisting driving into the Las Vegas valley, since I’ll be staying there for four months starting at the end of next week. In the mean time I’ll continue to enjoy my time around the lake at this RV park.

A Quiet Day in Pahrump

Monday October 14th 2019

Today’s temperature was in line with the average temperature for the day. It reached eighty this afternoon. The one thing outside the norm was the lack of wind. A gentle breeze blew occasionally during the day, but most of the time it was dead calm.

The RV resort was very quiet today. Over the weekend there was plenty of noise everywhere in the campground. This morning all the kids were gone, people weren’t gathering outside and the sound of TVs and music wasn’t carrying beyond the individual campsites. Even all the noisy ducks seem to be quieter. The only activity this morning was more people leaving. About as many left today as yesterday, so I guess it was a long weekend for some people. This afternoon there were a lot of empty sites.

The quiet resulted in a lazy day for me. It was mid afternoon before I even thought about doing anything interesting today. I ended up visiting with and taking pictures of the ducks that came by my campsite. Many of the pictures are included in this blog post. There sure are many different varieties here.

Sunday in the Park with Ducks

Sunday October 13th 2019

It was a little warmer overnight. The starting temperature this morning was closer to fifty. My late afternoon the temperature topped out just shy of eighty with very little breeze. It was a beautiful day.

I got caught by breakfast football again today. The NFL pregame shows start at 9AM on the west coast and the early game starts at 10AM. On the east coast I have an opportunity to get involved with other activities before the game starts. Out here I get sucked in before I’m through with breakfast. It wasn’t until 1:30 when the first game ended that I got moving away from my RV home.

During breakfast I watched many of my neighbors pack and leave after the weekend. I was wondering if this was a long weekend in this area or not. The verdict is still out. I need to see if many more leave tomorrow, but I’m guessing it is just another weekend. It doesn’t look like the kids have tomorrow off from school in Nevada. The kids up in the Reno area had last week off for “fall break”.

“Look there is food down there!”

This afternoon I went grocery shopping. Both the Walmart and the Smiths were very busy. I just don’t think of Sunday afternoons as prime grocery shopping time, but this isn’t the first place I’ve encountered lots of people in the grocery store on Sunday afternoon. I broke the rule about not going shopping hungry. I came home with cookies, cupcakes, apple pie and cider. None of those things were on my shopping list. I succumbed to the product placement marketing gods. Luckily, I also came home with most of the items on my list.

I returned to my RV home to find a couple of calling cards from my avian neighbors. The ducks that swim and feed in the lake get their land exercise by roaming through the campground. You need to watch what you step in. The other thing the ducks have figured out is that the area under the RVs is shady during the day and warmer at night. I don’t think they picked my RV home as a hide out yet, but I have seen them under several of my neighbor’s RVs.

Lakeside Views

Saturday October 12th 2019

After a cool start in the forties the temperature gradually climbed to the mid seventies by afternoon. The nice warm temperatures felt good after several days of cool weather even if the high is still eight degrees below the average for the date. Tomorrow and the days to come in the current forecast are projected to be around the seasonal norms.

Great Egret in the reeds.
The night duck patrol around the lake.

After two straight days of travel it felt good not to have to pack and move today. I spent all day at my RV home. After a slow breakfast with some football this morning, I finished up most of the setup tasks that I didn’t get to yesterday. Included in this set of tasks was removing the bicycle from the car and locking it up. I usually lock it to the picnic table, but this site doesn’t come with one. My second choice is always the ladder on the back of my RV. When evening irrigation sprinklers came on I found out the problem with this location. The bicycle and the whole back of my RV for that matter gets soaked by a poorly aimed sprinkler head. I need to see what I can do about that tomorrow before the next sprinkler shower. It was getting dark when the sprinklers shut down this evening.

A different kind of fall foliage.

For exercise and a diversion I took a couple of walks around the lake. I was busy with my camera on both walks. The second walk was close to sunset to attempt to get more interesting pictures.

Two fountains and two ducks.