Checking out some of Pahrump

Tuesday October 15th 2019

It was another beautiful weather day. The temperature peaked in the low eighties with full sunshine and very little wind. The only reminder that it’s fall is the sunset. It is dark shortly after six. Getting used to the longer period of darkness during fall and winter is always a transition. I don’t really notice the gradual change. It seems like all of a sudden I realize it is getting dark much earlier.

Today was another quiet day in the RV park. I suspect the quiet is caused by the work day. Many of the RVs seem to be used by locals either as their primary residence or in a few cases a secondary one. There aren’t a lot of cars or people around during the day. Near evening the cars and the people return.

I drove around the community of Pahrump today. It is more developed than I remember from my first visit during a trip to Las Vegas. It was shortly after the turn of the century. All I remember from my first visit was a couple of small casinos, a few stores and a gas station of two. The casinos look like they’ve gotten bigger and there are many more stores. There are several RV parks that look nice along with a few wineries. I’m just not sure what I want to do in town.

I plan to drive out to Death Valley National Park for a day trip or two. It’s about sixty to seventy miles northwest, so it has to be on a day that I get an early start. I’ve been sleeping in since I got here. I’m resisting driving into the Las Vegas valley, since I’ll be staying there for four months starting at the end of next week. In the mean time I’ll continue to enjoy my time around the lake at this RV park.

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