Lakeside Views

Saturday October 12th 2019

After a cool start in the forties the temperature gradually climbed to the mid seventies by afternoon. The nice warm temperatures felt good after several days of cool weather even if the high is still eight degrees below the average for the date. Tomorrow and the days to come in the current forecast are projected to be around the seasonal norms.

Great Egret in the reeds.
The night duck patrol around the lake.

After two straight days of travel it felt good not to have to pack and move today. I spent all day at my RV home. After a slow breakfast with some football this morning, I finished up most of the setup tasks that I didn’t get to yesterday. Included in this set of tasks was removing the bicycle from the car and locking it up. I usually lock it to the picnic table, but this site doesn’t come with one. My second choice is always the ladder on the back of my RV. When evening irrigation sprinklers came on I found out the problem with this location. The bicycle and the whole back of my RV for that matter gets soaked by a poorly aimed sprinkler head. I need to see what I can do about that tomorrow before the next sprinkler shower. It was getting dark when the sprinklers shut down this evening.

A different kind of fall foliage.

For exercise and a diversion I took a couple of walks around the lake. I was busy with my camera on both walks. The second walk was close to sunset to attempt to get more interesting pictures.

Two fountains and two ducks.

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