A Windy Day at Home

Thursday October 17th 2019

It was another beautiful day with a high temperature in the low eighties. The new wrinkle was the wind. A strong wind out of the southwest blew all day. The TV weather reported winds over 25 mph with gusts even higher. The result was greatly reduced visibility from the dust induced haze.

The wind kept the flag out straight all day.
My friend the Great Egret was back today.

The long term residents of this RV park are getting into the Halloween spirit. There is a contest on Halloween for the best decorated site. Walking around the campground during the day you can see lots of decorated sites. There are grave yards, skeletons, mummies and ghosts, but during daylight they aren’t very impressive. Walking through the same areas after dark is really spooky. They’ve done a good job. I tried to take some pictures, but the lighting was to weak. I’ll try again with my better camera. On the other hand, the bright orange string lights and blow up pumpkins are very photogenic.

The ducks were on shore more than in the water during the heavy wind.
Some of the bright orange Halloween decorations.

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