This site documents my life and travels full time in an 2016 Tiffin Allegro 32SA motor home.   It contains a log of my day to day life on the road.

I am retired from a 30 plus year career as a software engineer, software technologist and engineering process developer. The camping and RV lifestyle is not a new thing in my life. I was brought up camping in tents, tent trailers (pop-ups), travel trailers and a class C motor homes. I have owned and traveled in a Class B and a Class C motor home. Some how, I missed travelling in a 5th wheel trailer and this is my first Class A motor home. So I’m not starting this journey as a complete novice, but I’m
sure some “excitement” associated with a learning curve will be documented here.

My intent for the blog is two fold. First it will serve to document my travels. It will provide a record of the places I go, the things I see and the overall trials and tribulations of life on the road.  This is not only for my record but to allow my friends and family to follow along and stay in touch.

The secondary purpose for this blog is to provide an outlet for my observations, frustrations and general thoughts. As a solo traveler, I need a replacement for daily conversation, a sort of a virtual water cooler discussion. Don’t be surprised if an occasional rant or soapbox monologue appears.

Once I get on the road, my goal is to create a blog post every day. It may not get posted everyday if internet connectivity is an issue, but I want to develop a routine that includes writing a blog entry per day.

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  1. Glad to have come across your Blog. I have travelled around to some countries but not been through to places like this in a motorhome. So very keen to see through your eyes all the difference places and to know your experiences. As it’s not everyone who has the same interest and possibilities to do the same things. My Blog is of “Good Health and Healing” and how I have completely become well from low moods, and possible even to study and to, encourage and give Hope and Faith, to be able to “Lead A Life of Good Health” 🙂


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