Sunday in the Park with Ducks

Sunday October 13th 2019

It was a little warmer overnight. The starting temperature this morning was closer to fifty. My late afternoon the temperature topped out just shy of eighty with very little breeze. It was a beautiful day.

I got caught by breakfast football again today. The NFL pregame shows start at 9AM on the west coast and the early game starts at 10AM. On the east coast I have an opportunity to get involved with other activities before the game starts. Out here I get sucked in before I’m through with breakfast. It wasn’t until 1:30 when the first game ended that I got moving away from my RV home.

During breakfast I watched many of my neighbors pack and leave after the weekend. I was wondering if this was a long weekend in this area or not. The verdict is still out. I need to see if many more leave tomorrow, but I’m guessing it is just another weekend. It doesn’t look like the kids have tomorrow off from school in Nevada. The kids up in the Reno area had last week off for “fall break”.

“Look there is food down there!”

This afternoon I went grocery shopping. Both the Walmart and the Smiths were very busy. I just don’t think of Sunday afternoons as prime grocery shopping time, but this isn’t the first place I’ve encountered lots of people in the grocery store on Sunday afternoon. I broke the rule about not going shopping hungry. I came home with cookies, cupcakes, apple pie and cider. None of those things were on my shopping list. I succumbed to the product placement marketing gods. Luckily, I also came home with most of the items on my list.

I returned to my RV home to find a couple of calling cards from my avian neighbors. The ducks that swim and feed in the lake get their land exercise by roaming through the campground. You need to watch what you step in. The other thing the ducks have figured out is that the area under the RVs is shady during the day and warmer at night. I don’t think they picked my RV home as a hide out yet, but I have seen them under several of my neighbor’s RVs.

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