Yet Another Lazy Day

Saturday August 31st 2019

The noise from my neighbors packing up this morning at 7AM woke me up. All of the Oregon Statue football fans packed and departed this morning. All of the orange and black team colors were gone today. When I walked around later only I saw one Oklahoma State fan, but all the Oregon State fans had disappeared. I wonder if they left because they lost.

Blossom of the day

Today was a bright sunny day with only a few clouds. The temperature peaked in the low eighties with out much wind. After four weeks of highs around seventy along the coast it was a real change. The heat combined with my early wake up call and a general lack of a plan resulted in a very lazy day. It seemed like every time I sat still for a few minutes I dozed off for a few minutes.

I wasn’t a complete couch potato. I got the car prepped for touring by removing the bicycle along with its rack and storing the towing paraphernalia. Later I got the gas grill out and cooked a couple of hamburgers with sauteed onions for the main meal of the day. For exercise I walked around the campground a couple of times taking pictures of the flowering plants.

Tonight I watched another Oregon football team lose. This time it was the Oregon University Ducks getting defeated by the Auburn Tigers in the last few seconds of the game. This is not the state to be in if you want happy football fans this weekend.

Return to Corvallis

Friday August 30th 2019

It was cloudy overnight and into the morning. I didn’t experience sunshine until after three in the afternoon, but some of that was caused by my direction of travel. The coast probably cleared off around noon.

I was on the road north and inland shortly before 11am. My departure was delayed by a neighbor having to engage me in conversation while I was packing up. The guy had ignored me for two weeks, but this morning he had to ask if I had property in the path of the hurricane. He assumed from my Florida license plates that I must be worried about hurricane Dorian. I’m not sure he got the concept of full time RV living. He couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t be back in Florida until late next year. My problem was that I had to recheck a number of tasks to make sure I didn’t skip anything important while having the conversation.

Once I was on the road, my first order of business was filling the gas tank. I had previously scouted a station with good access. It wasn’t the cheapest station in town and it had more than a ten cent markup for using a credit card. I think they also raised the price a few cents for the holiday weekend, but I wasn’t going anywhere without fuel. In the end, I spent more to fill the tank than I ever have. The $3.379 per gallon price may not have been the highest, but by the time they put 54 gallons in, I’d spent $182.47.

Site 90 at the Albany/Corvallis KOA.

Traffic was heavy as I worked my way inland on the secondary highway. I was often in a line behind slower vehicles waiting for the section of road with a passing lane. On a couple of the hills the line was behind me. For the most part all of the traffic kept moving. Once I reached Interstate 5 the traffic got heavier, but moved along at a steady pace. I arrived for my return visit to the Albany/Corvallis KOA just before 2pm. I stayed in this campground in the middle of July. It was a convenient place with openings for the holiday weekend.

The campground is close to full tonight. In addition to travelers and holiday weekenders, there are a number of Oregon State University Football fans. There are many OSU Beaver Flags and team colors around the campground. The fall football season began tonight at the OSU stadium a few miles from here. To be confusing OSU is playing OSU. The Oregon State University Beavers are hosting the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. As I’m writing this blog entry the local team is behind by 22 points. My neighbors may not be in the best mood tomorrow.

A Cloudy Day for a Few Chores

Thursday August 29th 2019

There were two rain events last night. The first was just after midnight and the second around four in the morning. The thunder associated with the early morning rain was very impressive. I can’t say how long either event lasted. I rolled over and went back to sleep. It was dry, but very cloudy when I got up this morning. The cloud cover remained overhead all day. The sun made an attempt to break through during the afternoon, but a hazy layer of clouds remained. With all the clouds, the temperature only climbed into the mid sixties.

Blossoms of the day.

I missed another one of Mother Natures events today. An earthquake centered only 183 miles off the coat from Coos Bay occurred this morning. It was a 6.3 magnitude earthquake that some people in the area felt. I didn’t know it happened until I listened to the TV coverage. I may have still been in bed when it happened. My practical and cautious side doesn’t want to experience an earthquake, but I am curious. I’ve experienced a few little rumbles in the northeast, but not the property damaging kind of earthquake.

Today is my last full day in the Coos Bay area. It was a day to get a few pre-travel chores completed. I’ve caught up enough that I only have the normal travel day tasks to complete in the morning. I didn’t get a head start on the outside tasks, but I have plenty of time in the morning. The one task I didn’t get to today was the laundry. The laundry facility was full when I checked this afternoon.

I have about 140 miles to travel tomorrow. I’ll be returning to the Corvallis KOA for six nights. The campgrounds along the coast that I checked were all full for the holiday weekend. The campgrounds in the Willamette valley seem to have more openings. Oregon has many campgrounds, but it also seems to have more campers than most states. Next Thursday, I’ll move back to the coast in the Astoria area for a week.

Where did the warm weather go?

Wednesday August 28th 2019

There was real fog this morning a lot heavier than the usual low clouds. The sun didn’t make an appearance until after 11AM and the temperature never crossed the seventy mark. Inland they were still experiencing record highs. By late afternoon the cloud cover was returning and it cooled off even more.

I made the fifteen plus mile drive into Coos Bay with the intent of visiting the farmers market. Parking was difficult to find. I drove around in ever bigger circles looking for an empty space without success. When I reached the road out of town to the west, I gave up and kept going. I bought the peaches I was looking for at Walmart along with this weeks collection of provisions.

Today’s visitors to my campsite. For the first two and a half weeks here I didn’t see any ducks. The last two days they’ve been all over the place.

When I crossed the bridge over Coos Bay there were many small boats hovering in the channel on both sides of the bridge. In past trips over the bridge the water was empty. My guess is that one of the salmon runs has begun. I stopped on the way out of town at one of the parks to see if I could get a better view of the fishing action, but didn’t have much luck. I hope the salmon are running in the Columbia River when I’m back in the gorge in a little over two weeks.

My campsite seem to be the perfect place for a nap.

Tomorrow is my last full day in this area. I move inland for the holiday weekend on Friday. My focus tomorrow will be chores around the rig and getting ready for travel. As I look around my RV home tonight, it is apparent that I haven’t been doing a good job of putting things away after I use them. The living space is full of clutter and will require more than the usual amount of packing.

The Summer Heat Found the Oregon Coast

Tuesday August 27th 2019

Today’s weather wasn’t like any other day I’ve experienced this summer on the Oregon cost. It was hot. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties with much less wind than normal. It wasn’t bad compared to other areas in the region. Inland, in the Willamette valley record high temperatures in the triple digits were achieved. Tomorrow is forecast to be another warm day.

Blossom of the day

There was more turnover in the RV park today than I expected. My noisy neighbors were among the departing guests. They left just after checkout time this morning, but not without a little drama. In their hast or disorder to leave, they forgot to close the rear storage bin in their motorhome. A couple of other neighbors start yelling at them and one guy started running after them waiving his arms. I don’t know if they ever got the message. The guy running after them had to stop before the RV reached the main road, but he sure got his exercise for the day.

This afternoon I drove to the shore along the Oregon Dunes area of the coast. I wasn’t real impressed with all the sand. To reach the actual coast it was necessary to climb up and over a very sandy dune. I climbed to the top, emptied my shoes, looked around and turned back. I had to empty my shoes again before I got into the car. Finishing the walk across the dune in the deep loose sand wasn’t worth it in the bright sun. I’m just surprised at how different the Oregon Dunes area of the coast is from the areas north and south of the dunes.

The tail end of a parade through the campground of twelve or more ducks.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry, I’m in my fourth week in this area. I need an extra push to get out and tour some of the things left to see in the area. Since I’m a solo traveler that push has to come from within. Tonight, I’m trying to talk myself into a return visit to the Coos Bay farmers market tomorrow. Stay tune to see if I’m successful.

Relaxing on a not so quiet day

Monday August 26th 2019

Today was a clear sunny day. The usual overnight cloud cover didn’t arrive last night. The remainder of the day fit the pattern. The high temperature was around seventy and a good breeze filled the air in the afternoon. Tomorrow is forecast to be warmer than normal. That means mid seventies along the coast. Inland it’s forecast to be in the mid to upper nineties.

I’m surprised by the number of berry bushes I’ve found in this area. Even more surprising is the birds and other critters don’t seem to care.

The nice quiet that arrived yesterday afternoon with the departure of all the weekend residents continued this morning. It help contribute to my sleeping in for an added hour. All of the quiet came to an end around 1PM. An RV with four elementary school age kids arrived on the site across the drive from mine. Nobody communicated quietly. The kids talked with each other at the top of their lungs, screamed and complained to their parents about every altercation with their siblings only to hear their parents prove they can yell louder. I don’t have any real issue with kids having fun, but this was something else. At the dinner hour it got worse. Half of southern Oregon arrived to have a cook out with the noisy family. Three or four car fulls of adults, kids and dogs arrived to have dinner cooked over a smokey fire. The noise level went up and I closed my windows and turn the AC on for white noise. I think my other neighbors did the same thing. The party ended around 9PM. Everything is back to the pre-party noise level, but the peace and quiet of this morning is long gone.

Today’s water lily blossom.

I am in my fourth week in this area. Consequently, my enthusiasm for touring is waning. There are still things of interest to do and places to visit, but I can easily be swayed by an interesting TV show or a good story to read. That is what happened today. By the time I thought about leaving the RV park it was mid afternoon. I didn’t have a specific plan for the day, so it was easy to just keep reading and watching TV.

More Elk Viewing

Sunday August 25th 2019

The weekend crowd departed the RV park this morning. The park is back to its sleepy mid week form. The park is far from empty, but there are fewer people out and about.

I was bored with sitting around this morning, so despite knowing it would be very busy on the roads, I ventured out. As soon as I reached US 101, the main coastal highway, I knew it was a mistake. It was necessary to merge into a long line of vehicles. Every third or fourth vehicle seemed to be an RV or a trailer with ATVs. Traffic was heavy enough that every hill and intersection caused a backup. During the week you can go for a mile or two without seeing another car. It was not fun traveling today.

My original plan was to drive up the coast to the high cliffs north of Florence, but the traffic changed my plans. Instead I turned east at Reedsport to check for more Elk at the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area. I found a herd of 8 or 9 elk in front of the main viewing area. Many cars were stopping to get a closer look at the animals. The elk are wild, but they get a lot of help with their habitat from the Bureau Land Management and conservation groups. The meadow area is very well groomed.

When I arrived three of the elk were lying down. The rest were grazing. After a few minutes one of the grazing animals laid down and all the remaining standing elk followed the leader. Once on the ground the elk are statues. I didn’t see any movement before I decided to return to my RV home. I wasn’t going to resume my battle with the traffic for any longer than necessary to get home.

The day ended with a very gusty northwest wind under sunny skies. The temperature peaked at a consistent seventy degrees.