Halloween is Coming

Saturday October 19th 2019

The day started cool and was slow to warm up. The temperature finally peaked in the mid seventies late in the afternoon. As soon as the sun set the temperature started to drop again.

I spent most of the day at home in the RV park. There was a lot of activity in the park. The amphitheater area had been rented out for a wedding. The area was decorated in a fall theme with plenty of orange and brown colors. The reception was held in the same place as the ceremony complete with a DJ that played mostly country music.

In other areas of the campground people were working on their Halloween decorations for the contest at the end of the month. Most people are using inflatable figures as the center piece of their decorations. There were several blow up pumpkins, a witch or two and a dragon. The more old school ghosts, ghouls and skeletons were also plentiful. I understand that the contest has been going on for years. People plan their fall around being here during the Halloween season to participate and view the decorations.

Decorating for Halloween is not my thing. It wasn’t very common when I was growing up in New England. There is more everywhere today. I’ll enjoy looking at what other people do for Halloween. For Christmas, I’ll do a little decorating, but not yet. I’ll wait until after Thanksgiving before I start to decorate for Christmas, even though Christmas Movie Marathons are already starting on TV. The Hallmark Movies and Mysteries network started continuous Christmas Movie last night. The regular Hallmark channel and the Lifetime network start at the end of next week. They provide benign noise on the TV at odd hours.

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