More Football Games on TV

Sunday October 20th 2019

Today’s high temperature was the low point on the backside of the cold front that passed through the area yesterday. It was a nice sunny day with a little wind and a high temperature in the low seventies. Tomorrow the temperature will be back to seasonal norms near eighty.

Great Egret getting some rest in a tree.

I didn’t do much today, so this blog entry is a bit of a boring day in the life tale. Football games on TV caught me again today. I was still warming up inside over breakfast when the games started on TV. Watching the game is my excuse for not getting active right away. It may be a bad reason, but I’ll own it as an excuse. After the game I took my first walk of the day around the lake. The resident Great Egret and the ducks were all busy with their daily life. Most of the ducks will let you walk by within a couple of feet before they spook. The Great Egret on the other hand will fly to the other side of the lake if you get within twenty feet.

Great Egret down in the water with a little friend.

The next act of today’s play was preparing lunch and getting engrossed in another football game. There seems to be some affinity between eating and football watching in this time zone; at least for me. My second walk of the day was to view the sunset and check out the Halloween decorations. Not as many residents had their decorations turned on tonight. The park in general has more empty sites tonight than other nights. Some residents that I thought were here for the long term even departed along with all the weekend residents. I really can’t get a handle on the population at this RV park.

The last football game of the day, the “Sunday Night Game”, ends around 8PM. That’s a little late to start my day and too early for bed. A little reading, writing this blog entry and more TV consume the remainder of the day. Football watching never consumed my day in the Eastern time zone, but I’m sure letting it in the Pacific time zone.

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