A Slow Monday

Monday October 21st 2019

It was a little warmer than yesterday. The temperature peaked around eighty under a bright sunny sky. There was also a strong wind out of the north, but I only really felt it while away from the RV park in town. When they built this campground they surrounded it with a high earth berm. The material for the berm probably came from turning a swampy area into the lake. The overall landscape works. The berm diverts the wind and the lake provides a great focal point in addition to the wildlife it attracts.

This morning was rather cool inside my RV home. It caused me to stay under the covers for a long time. Getting started today was very slow. Between breakfast, internet reading and a few chores it was mid afternoon before I was ready to start the day. Then yesterday’s nemesis came into play. The Patriots vs Jets football game coverage started at 5PM. It was a good day, but not very active.

I see this pair on every walk. I’ve started calling them George and Gracie.

I continue to enjoy walking around the lake in the center of the campground. It’s interesting to observe how comfortable some of the ducks are with people. The ones that come into the campground and spend time under peoples RVs will let you walk by within a few feet. Some will even try to stare you down. The more wild varieties of water fowl are a little more cautious. Some will jump in the water and swim away while others don’t react unless you walk toward them.

I’m beginning to think many of the out of state people staying in this park are here on their way south. They delay here for a few days to a few weeks waiting for the ideal time to arrive at their destination for the winter. That’s basically why I’m here. I don’t want to start the monthly clock in Las Vegas until after the twenty fourth in order to time my departure at the end of February. My neighbor from Washington State is waiting for the daytime high temperatures in the Arizona desert to get lower. They are headed for a winter of boondocking on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land near Quartzsite AZ. Cooler temperatures are vital to allowing their solar panels and generator to keep up with their power demands. Several other residents of the park have more solar panels on their roofs than they need to stay in this park. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they have a similar destination.

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