Laundry, Ducks and Walks

Wednesday October 16th 2019

The temperature didn’t quite make it to the forecast high of 90 degrees. The layer of clouds associated with the incoming front arrived early. During the hottest part of the day, the sun was blocked by clouds. On a positive note, the clouds added some interest to tonight’s sunset.

Today was laundry day. This RV park has plenty of laundry facilities. One of the three locations is located in a building right behind my RV. It was easy to walk back and forth between my RV home and the facility rather than waiting in the little room. The washing machines were reasonably priced at $2.00 a load. The dryer was similarly priced, but I don’t like fixed price washers. The kind that gives you X minutes per quarter is easier to get your clothes dry. Today after the $2.00 and forty minutes not everything was dry. I didn’t have eight more quarters and I probably wouldn’t use them if I did. Two dollars for a few minutes doesn’t make sense. Instead, I have stuff draped all over the inside of my RV home to finish drying. Hopefully, it will be dry before I need to use the bed.

The remainder of my day was spent duck watching interspersed with walks around the lake. The Great Egret that has entertained me the last few days wasn’t around today. I see ducks and other birds arrive and fly away from the lake every now and then. There must be other water areas around for them, but I’m not sure where in this desert area.

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