A Quiet Day in Pahrump

Monday October 14th 2019

Today’s temperature was in line with the average temperature for the day. It reached eighty this afternoon. The one thing outside the norm was the lack of wind. A gentle breeze blew occasionally during the day, but most of the time it was dead calm.

The RV resort was very quiet today. Over the weekend there was plenty of noise everywhere in the campground. This morning all the kids were gone, people weren’t gathering outside and the sound of TVs and music wasn’t carrying beyond the individual campsites. Even all the noisy ducks seem to be quieter. The only activity this morning was more people leaving. About as many left today as yesterday, so I guess it was a long weekend for some people. This afternoon there were a lot of empty sites.

The quiet resulted in a lazy day for me. It was mid afternoon before I even thought about doing anything interesting today. I ended up visiting with and taking pictures of the ducks that came by my campsite. Many of the pictures are included in this blog post. There sure are many different varieties here.

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