Travel Day to Bourne MA

Sunday October 21st 2018

The temperature only went down into the low fifties last night. It was a nice change from the almost freezing temperatures of the last couple of nights. In exchange for the mild temperature, we got rain. Starting around four thirty this morning it rained until mid morning. Just what I needed for a travel day.


Site B-33 at Bourne Scenic Park in Bourne MA.

Getting packed up and hooked up in the rain and falling temperatures wasn’t fun. As I left the campground shortly after eleven the rain had stopped and the sun was thinking about making an appearance. A strong and gusty wind had also developed. I’m glad I only had a short distance to travel. The wind was mostly a tail wind, but the gusts made two hands on the wheel and full attention to driving mandatory. It was one of the worst wind days I’ve experienced since last year in the wide open spaces of the west.

When I arrived at Bourne Scenic Park on the Cape Cod canal I choose a site that was not impacted by all of last nights rain. I had two or three sites in mind that I knew were available, but one of them was partially flooded by last nights rain. The site I chose, B33, was dry but not as level or as easy to back into. It took several iterations to get situated on the site. I’d back up a little then get out and look around, adjust and repeat. A few light tree branches gave my roof a good scouring. The leveling jacks on my RV home were able to deal with the leveling issue. I’ll be here until the campground closes next Sunday.


Tug pulling a barge westbound in the Cape Cod Canal. The current is hitting the square front of the barge head on. The tug was having a hard time making headway against the current.


It is nice to have more interesting place to walk here. After I got setup I took a walk along the canal. In addition to the people and birds, I got to watch a tug pulling a barge westbound in the canal. It was having a hard time making headway against the current. Tomorrow I may finally get my bicycle ride along the canal service road.


Campground Halloween

Saturday October 20th 2018

The temperature peaked in the low sixties and the wind was not as strong as the last couple of days. It was overall an OK fall day. If the sun broke through the clouds for a longer period of time, it would have been a great day. Most of the day was dull with cloud cover.


One of campground decorations put up by the staff.

This was the first of two Halloween weekends at the campground. Most of the campsites and cabins were full with families here to celebrate the holiday. Campers came prepared to decorate their campsites. There were several cemetery scenes complete with tombstones and ghosts. Others went with inflatable pumpkins and ghouls. The decorations told the kids that the residents were participating in the candy give away this evening. They were also judged for the best site decoration.


Beginning of the Halloween Parade.


Pirates and Grim reapers.


The  family was dressed as bees, and the father was dressed as a bee keeper. I think they won the best costume contest. 

Many of the kids and adults were in costume for a Parade that started late this afternoon just before the trick or treating began. The ranks of costumed kids grew as grand kids and cousins arrived to participate. I saw many pirates and stuff animal costumes with a few superheros thrown in for good measure.

In addition to watching the Halloween celebration and walking around the campground I’ve been getting ready to move on tomorrow. I’ll be relocating down to the Cape Cod canal for the next week. All of the loose stuff outside has been put away and some of the inside packing is complete as well. In the morning I’ll need to dump the tanks and disconnect the utilities outside and get the rest of the stuff packed inside. It will be a short travel day, but I still need to get everything stored away.


Blossom of the day has survived the cold so far.


Another Walk along the Cape Cod Canal

Friday October 19th 2018

Last night I was surrounded by activity in the campground. Around 8:30 the RV across the road packed up and departed. It had only been here for a couple of days and I hadn’t seen anyone around since the first day. Then around 11:30 a trailer from Washington State arrived at the site next to me. It came with two extra cars and about seven people total. They made enough noise getting setup to wake this side of the campground. I was still up watching the Red Sox victory over the Astros. I assumed they were arriving for the weekend, but they were gone by 9:30 this morning. The last change in my surroundings was the departure of a long term resident diagonally behind my site. For some reason they departed around six this morning with enough noise that I woke up. All of those sites are now full for the weekend.


Sailboat getting a little help from the wind.


Plenty of power to push into the wind.

It didn’t get as cold last night as the forecasters were warning. I don’t think we had a freeze in this area. The temperature inside my RV, when I was rudely woken at six, was in the mid forties. It was still cold enough that I had to turn on Noisy Nellie the furnace. The inside warmed up quickly and the outside made it to around sixty by mid afternoon.


Fish and Chip Platter at the Lobster Pot in Wareham, MA.

I went back down to the Cape Cod canal area again today. The goal was to get Fish and Chips for lunch and to stop at Walmart for some groceries. For good measure, I threw in another walk along the side of the canal. There was a strong wind out of the west today. It made the return trip to the car more difficult, but I was dressed for the wind chill. On today’s walk I saw many more fishermen than on previous walks. The arrival of true fall may have brought the fish back into the canal, but I didn’t see anyone catch anything.


Today’s king of the light post.


Planning for Warmer Times

Thursday October 18th 2017

I was up late last night watching the Red Sox win over the Astros. The game started a little after eight thirty and ended close to one thirty in the morning. Getting going this morning was a slow process. The temperature inside my RV home wasn’t too bad. It was in the low fifties inside and probably in the forties outside. The wind overnight kept the actual temperature from going way down.


Is this a Halloween decoration or a freeze protection cover?

The wind was gusting strong most of the day. Outside, even in full sunlight, the wind made it uncomfortable. Inside the electric heaters had to work hard to maintain the comfort level. The wind forces cold air through the gaps around the slide out rooms and some of the windows. I gave in to the season and turned on the propane furnace for a couple of cycles. I prefer not to use the inefficient and noisy furnace.

It really wasn’t that cold. The fact that it has been a warm fall so far, made today seem much worse. There is a freeze warning for tonight, but it is supposed to be followed by a high around sixty tomorrow.

I spent most of the day inside researching my travel options for next year. Today I was focusing on options for the trip west next April and May. I investigated the option of going north to Interstate 40 and across Arkansas, Oklahoma and Northern New Mexico versus staying on Interstate 10 across the south. I am aware of more things to do in Texas than the more northern route and I’m not sure the middle of Tornado Alley in the spring is a good thing. Right now I’m leaning toward playing tourist in the Houston area then moving west to the Big Bend National Park area before it gets too hot. My desire is to be at altitude or the northern latitudes by June on my way toward the Pacific Northwest to keep out of the extreme heat of the southwest.

Possibly because it was a late night, most of the day I thought it was Friday. Walking around the campground this afternoon, I noted that the staff has been decorating for the Halloween party weekend. What I didn’t see was a lot of RVs arriving. Once I realized it was actually Thursday, the number of arriving RVs made more sense. My guess is thirty or forty RVs arrived today. Many more RVs will arrive tomorrow.


Part of the agility course in the dog run area waiting for its next customer.

Weather and Traffic

Wednesday October 17th 2018

It wasn’t as cool as I expected this morning. The inside of the RV was only down to fifty. The temperature went up to almost sixty before the next front arrived with lots of wind and a little rain around the dinner hour. It is forecast to get down into the mid thirties in this area tonight. Some of the areas north of here may get into the twenties.


Today’s sky with many fast moving clouds. Some of the trees in this picture have already lost their leaves, others haven’t even turned yet. There are also plenty of pine trees around.

This wasn’t a very blog worthy day. I did a lot of driving and got caught in a great deal of traffic. I’m continuously reminded how many drivers are competing for the available road space. It only takes a minor lane closure to cause several miles of backed up traffic on the interstate. The only solution would be to add lanes to the highway or somehow get people interested in public transportation.

The campground is starting to slowly fill up for the weekend. Most of the RVs that arrived today unpacked more stuff than a typical overnight stay. When you see the lawn carpet put out or several kids bikes get unloaded, you can pretty much guess they are here for awhile. One such rig arrived across the road from me yesterday and another one arrived behind me today. I’m dreading a weekend full of Halloween party celebrants.

East End of the Cape Cod Canal

Tuesday October 16th 2018

The day started sunny and windy. The inside temperature was only in the low fifties when I got up. As the day went on the windy died down and the temperature peaked in the mid to high fifties.


Sagamore Bridge over the Cape Cod Canal as seen from the east end of the canal.

This afternoon I took a drive to Sandwich MA at the east end of the Cape Cod Canal. All of the Army Corp of Engineers Recreation facilities have been buttoned up for the winter. The restrooms are closed and the trash cans all have canvas covers locked on so no one will use them. Even so, there were plenty of people enjoying the sunshine canal side. There were people out walking, riding bicycles and plenty of fishermen. I did a little walking, but mainly sat on one of the benches and watched the activity in the canal.


Sailboat entering the Sandwich boat basin.

The primary entertainment was the Cost Guard. Two CG boats were conducting training exercises in the canal. I think one of the exercises I watched was a boarding exercise. One boat would pull along side the other and crew would transfer from one boat to another. Then the boats would switch roles and the transfer would even out the crews again. That exercise was confusing to watch, so it could have been something completely different. The man over board exercise was obvious. A buoy got thrown into the canal, someone yells “man overboard” and then the boat maneuvers to pick up the buoy. I don’t know if different people were at the helm of the boats, but they repeated the exercise many times.


Two Coast Guard boats training in the Cape Cod Canal.


Man overboard drill. One of the boats is about to retrieve the black buoy on the right side of the picture. The buoy represents the “man overboard”.

Later I drove along the Cape side of the canal stopping at the railroad bridge parking area and the Bourne Bridge parking area before returning to my RV home. This area of the canal was quiet by comparison with the east end. I saw one big dual hull sailboat fighting the current.


Catamaran style sailboat.

Gloomy Monday

Monday October 15th 2018

It was a gloomy Monday. The temperature inside my RV home was in the low forties this morning. Outside a light rain was falling. The last forecast I heard yesterday called for rain all day, but this morning the forecast had the rain lifting during the daylight hours. It turned out to be somewhere in the middle. It alternated between heavy mist and just plain raw all day.

The day did nothing to motivate me. I spent the day watching TV, reading and taking an occasional walk around the campground. This morning a few more of the long term residents packed up and departed. In many cases they have enough stuff around their sites that it takes a couple of trucks to haul it all away. During the early afternoon this part of the campground looked very empty, but as the day ended a steady stream of new arrivals filled in some of the open sites.



Rose of the day.

A Short Moving Day

Sunday October 14th 2018

The temperature got down low enough last night that I needed to adjust the covers in the middle of the night. It hasn’t gotten cool enough that I need to run heat overnight. I hope to be on my way south before that happens.

Today was an unusual kind of moving day. I only moved from one area in the campground to another. The site I had was already rented to another guest when I tried to extend my stay last Thursday. Sure enough a big fifth wheel trailer was on my old site by mid afternoon.

My little move down the road was almost harder than regular long travel day. All of the outside tasks are the same. I still have to pack everything away and load the bicycle on the SUV for transport. A few of the inside tasks can be short circuited. The dirty breakfast dishes stayed in the sink, the toaster and coffee pot stayed on the counter, but all of the other loose stuff got stored away. The other thing I didn’t have to do was hook up the car. I drove it over once I knew the new site was empty and I checked in at the office. I walked back to the motorhome from the new site.


My new site is number 189 at the Boston/Cape Cod KOA in Middleboro MA. This site has a little more shade than the last one. I won’t have as much solar heat now that I need it in the cooler weather.

The trip to the new site was about an eighth of a mile around the campground. On longer journeys I settle into driving mode and relax before I need to start the chores associated with setting up at the new location. I didn’t have that luxury today. It didn’t feel like I had any break between breakfast and two in the afternoon. Once I was setup it was football and NASCAR on TV the rest of the day.

The campground was full last night, but is much closer to empty tonight than it has been after the last two weekends. A number of the long term residents pulled out today. Even so I understand they expect to be full for next weekends Halloween celebration. The level of occupancy this late in the fall continues to surprise me.

Another Soggy Day

Saturday October 13th 2018

Another bout of rain passed through the area today. It began at the breakfast hour and continued off an on into the afternoon. The area north and west of here saw some sunshine today, but this area was lucky that it stopped raining.

The campground hosted the local cranberry festival from 1PM until dark. The vendors setup in the sloppy mess of the rain. Around 1PM the cars started to arrive and fill the campground roads with traffic. The road to the parking area passed right in front of my RV home. I took a quick walk through the vendor area during a lull in the rain. From what I saw cranberries were just an excuse for a craft show. I didn’t see anything that look particularly cranberry related. Giving kids a ride in wet hay looked popular, but I’m not sure there is much hay in a cranberry bog. My curiosity was satisfied and I wasn’t impressed.


One set of ghostly site decorations.

The Halloween decorations elsewhere in the campground were more interesting. I’m not sure when decorating for Halloween became a big thing. There are campsites with more decorations than I typically see at Christmas time. Next weekend is one of the campgrounds official Halloween weekends so I expect more elaborate decorations next then.

I’m changing sites tomorrow so I can stay here another week. My original intent was to move to Bourne Scenic Park on the Cape Cod Canal tomorrow. The sites available when I talked to them earlier this week were not the best. There are better sites available the last week of the month, so that is the new plan.

Rain from the Remnants of Michael

Friday October 12th 2018

The remnants of hurricane Michael went by this morning on its way out to sea. Sometime before sunrise it started to rain hard. It continued until around 11AM before clearing. The TV reported that over three inches of rain fell in the area. The cold front that passed through yesterday afternoon not only helped push the remnants of the hurricane off shore, but it dropped the temperature. High temperatures over the weekend are forecast to be twenty degrees lower than yesterday.


The fire pit filled with rain this morning. The picture was taken through the window. I wasn’t going out in the down pour.

Today was a domestic chores kind of day. I got the inside of the RV picked up and cleaned up a little. When the heat of the summer started to fade away, I started to open the windows more often. Open windows allow more dust and dirt into the rig. The last few campgrounds have had a dirty and dusty component. I also picked up a number of little dead bugs around the lights.

The biggest domestic chore of the day was the laundry. It takes well over two hours from start to finish when you include collecting all the dirty stuff, getting to the laundry facility, the actual washing and drying followed by getting the clean stuff back to the rig and into the cabinets and draws. Depending on how far away the facility is and how busy it is the laundry can take even longer. This facility is within eye sight of my site and wasn’t too busy. I could safely do other things while the cycles were executing. At some campground laundry facilities it isn’t a good idea to let the machines out of your sight while your stuff is in them.

The campground is filling up again for the weekend. I thought it would be quiet this weekend, but I’m wrong. Perhaps it’s the Middleboro Cranberry festival that is being held in the park tomorrow that is the draw. The organizers of that event have been marking out the area for vendors and parking. It looks like it is going to be busy around here tomorrow. Next weekend the campground is having its first of two Halloween weekends. I found out it will be full next weekend when I went to extend my stay here. I got one of the last available sites. I’ll have to move to the new site on Sunday. I am not use to finding full campgrounds at the end of October in New England.


Blossom of the day.