Gloomy Monday

Monday October 15th 2018

It was a gloomy Monday. The temperature inside my RV home was in the low forties this morning. Outside a light rain was falling. The last forecast I heard yesterday called for rain all day, but this morning the forecast had the rain lifting during the daylight hours. It turned out to be somewhere in the middle. It alternated between heavy mist and just plain raw all day.

The day did nothing to motivate me. I spent the day watching TV, reading and taking an occasional walk around the campground. This morning a few more of the long term residents packed up and departed. In many cases they have enough stuff around their sites that it takes a couple of trucks to haul it all away. During the early afternoon this part of the campground looked very empty, but as the day ended a steady stream of new arrivals filled in some of the open sites.



Rose of the day.

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