A Short Moving Day

Sunday October 14th 2018

The temperature got down low enough last night that I needed to adjust the covers in the middle of the night. It hasn’t gotten cool enough that I need to run heat overnight. I hope to be on my way south before that happens.

Today was an unusual kind of moving day. I only moved from one area in the campground to another. The site I had was already rented to another guest when I tried to extend my stay last Thursday. Sure enough a big fifth wheel trailer was on my old site by mid afternoon.

My little move down the road was almost harder than regular long travel day. All of the outside tasks are the same. I still have to pack everything away and load the bicycle on the SUV for transport. A few of the inside tasks can be short circuited. The dirty breakfast dishes stayed in the sink, the toaster and coffee pot stayed on the counter, but all of the other loose stuff got stored away. The other thing I didn’t have to do was hook up the car. I drove it over once I knew the new site was empty and I checked in at the office. I walked back to the motorhome from the new site.


My new site is number 189 at the Boston/Cape Cod KOA in Middleboro MA. This site has a little more shade than the last one. I won’t have as much solar heat now that I need it in the cooler weather.

The trip to the new site was about an eighth of a mile around the campground. On longer journeys I settle into driving mode and relax before I need to start the chores associated with setting up at the new location. I didn’t have that luxury today. It didn’t feel like I had any break between breakfast and two in the afternoon. Once I was setup it was football and NASCAR on TV the rest of the day.

The campground was full last night, but is much closer to empty tonight than it has been after the last two weekends. A number of the long term residents pulled out today. Even so I understand they expect to be full for next weekends Halloween celebration. The level of occupancy this late in the fall continues to surprise me.

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