Weather and Traffic

Wednesday October 17th 2018

It wasn’t as cool as I expected this morning. The inside of the RV was only down to fifty. The temperature went up to almost sixty before the next front arrived with lots of wind and a little rain around the dinner hour. It is forecast to get down into the mid thirties in this area tonight. Some of the areas north of here may get into the twenties.


Today’s sky with many fast moving clouds. Some of the trees in this picture have already lost their leaves, others haven’t even turned yet. There are also plenty of pine trees around.

This wasn’t a very blog worthy day. I did a lot of driving and got caught in a great deal of traffic. I’m continuously reminded how many drivers are competing for the available road space. It only takes a minor lane closure to cause several miles of backed up traffic on the interstate. The only solution would be to add lanes to the highway or somehow get people interested in public transportation.

The campground is starting to slowly fill up for the weekend. Most of the RVs that arrived today unpacked more stuff than a typical overnight stay. When you see the lawn carpet put out or several kids bikes get unloaded, you can pretty much guess they are here for awhile. One such rig arrived across the road from me yesterday and another one arrived behind me today. I’m dreading a weekend full of Halloween party celebrants.

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