Rain from the Remnants of Michael

Friday October 12th 2018

The remnants of hurricane Michael went by this morning on its way out to sea. Sometime before sunrise it started to rain hard. It continued until around 11AM before clearing. The TV reported that over three inches of rain fell in the area. The cold front that passed through yesterday afternoon not only helped push the remnants of the hurricane off shore, but it dropped the temperature. High temperatures over the weekend are forecast to be twenty degrees lower than yesterday.


The fire pit filled with rain this morning. The picture was taken through the window. I wasn’t going out in the down pour.

Today was a domestic chores kind of day. I got the inside of the RV picked up and cleaned up a little. When the heat of the summer started to fade away, I started to open the windows more often. Open windows allow more dust and dirt into the rig. The last few campgrounds have had a dirty and dusty component. I also picked up a number of little dead bugs around the lights.

The biggest domestic chore of the day was the laundry. It takes well over two hours from start to finish when you include collecting all the dirty stuff, getting to the laundry facility, the actual washing and drying followed by getting the clean stuff back to the rig and into the cabinets and draws. Depending on how far away the facility is and how busy it is the laundry can take even longer. This facility is within eye sight of my site and wasn’t too busy. I could safely do other things while the cycles were executing. At some campground laundry facilities it isn’t a good idea to let the machines out of your sight while your stuff is in them.

The campground is filling up again for the weekend. I thought it would be quiet this weekend, but I’m wrong. Perhaps it’s the Middleboro Cranberry festival that is being held in the park tomorrow that is the draw. The organizers of that event have been marking out the area for vendors and parking. It looks like it is going to be busy around here tomorrow. Next weekend the campground is having its first of two Halloween weekends. I found out it will be full next weekend when I went to extend my stay here. I got one of the last available sites. I’ll have to move to the new site on Sunday. I am not use to finding full campgrounds at the end of October in New England.


Blossom of the day.

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