Travel Day to Bourne MA

Sunday October 21st 2018

The temperature only went down into the low fifties last night. It was a nice change from the almost freezing temperatures of the last couple of nights. In exchange for the mild temperature, we got rain. Starting around four thirty this morning it rained until mid morning. Just what I needed for a travel day.


Site B-33 at Bourne Scenic Park in Bourne MA.

Getting packed up and hooked up in the rain and falling temperatures wasn’t fun. As I left the campground shortly after eleven the rain had stopped and the sun was thinking about making an appearance. A strong and gusty wind had also developed. I’m glad I only had a short distance to travel. The wind was mostly a tail wind, but the gusts made two hands on the wheel and full attention to driving mandatory. It was one of the worst wind days I’ve experienced since last year in the wide open spaces of the west.

When I arrived at Bourne Scenic Park on the Cape Cod canal I choose a site that was not impacted by all of last nights rain. I had two or three sites in mind that I knew were available, but one of them was partially flooded by last nights rain. The site I chose, B33, was dry but not as level or as easy to back into. It took several iterations to get situated on the site. I’d back up a little then get out and look around, adjust and repeat. A few light tree branches gave my roof a good scouring. The leveling jacks on my RV home were able to deal with the leveling issue. I’ll be here until the campground closes next Sunday.


Tug pulling a barge westbound in the Cape Cod Canal. The current is hitting the square front of the barge head on. The tug was having a hard time making headway against the current.


It is nice to have more interesting place to walk here. After I got setup I took a walk along the canal. In addition to the people and birds, I got to watch a tug pulling a barge westbound in the canal. It was having a hard time making headway against the current. Tomorrow I may finally get my bicycle ride along the canal service road.


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