Planning for Warmer Times

Thursday October 18th 2017

I was up late last night watching the Red Sox win over the Astros. The game started a little after eight thirty and ended close to one thirty in the morning. Getting going this morning was a slow process. The temperature inside my RV home wasn’t too bad. It was in the low fifties inside and probably in the forties outside. The wind overnight kept the actual temperature from going way down.


Is this a Halloween decoration or a freeze protection cover?

The wind was gusting strong most of the day. Outside, even in full sunlight, the wind made it uncomfortable. Inside the electric heaters had to work hard to maintain the comfort level. The wind forces cold air through the gaps around the slide out rooms and some of the windows. I gave in to the season and turned on the propane furnace for a couple of cycles. I prefer not to use the inefficient and noisy furnace.

It really wasn’t that cold. The fact that it has been a warm fall so far, made today seem much worse. There is a freeze warning for tonight, but it is supposed to be followed by a high around sixty tomorrow.

I spent most of the day inside researching my travel options for next year. Today I was focusing on options for the trip west next April and May. I investigated the option of going north to Interstate 40 and across Arkansas, Oklahoma and Northern New Mexico versus staying on Interstate 10 across the south. I am aware of more things to do in Texas than the more northern route and I’m not sure the middle of Tornado Alley in the spring is a good thing. Right now I’m leaning toward playing tourist in the Houston area then moving west to the Big Bend National Park area before it gets too hot. My desire is to be at altitude or the northern latitudes by June on my way toward the Pacific Northwest to keep out of the extreme heat of the southwest.

Possibly because it was a late night, most of the day I thought it was Friday. Walking around the campground this afternoon, I noted that the staff has been decorating for the Halloween party weekend. What I didn’t see was a lot of RVs arriving. Once I realized it was actually Thursday, the number of arriving RVs made more sense. My guess is thirty or forty RVs arrived today. Many more RVs will arrive tomorrow.


Part of the agility course in the dog run area waiting for its next customer.

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