Another Soggy Day

Saturday October 13th 2018

Another bout of rain passed through the area today. It began at the breakfast hour and continued off an on into the afternoon. The area north and west of here saw some sunshine today, but this area was lucky that it stopped raining.

The campground hosted the local cranberry festival from 1PM until dark. The vendors setup in the sloppy mess of the rain. Around 1PM the cars started to arrive and fill the campground roads with traffic. The road to the parking area passed right in front of my RV home. I took a quick walk through the vendor area during a lull in the rain. From what I saw cranberries were just an excuse for a craft show. I didn’t see anything that look particularly cranberry related. Giving kids a ride in wet hay looked popular, but I’m not sure there is much hay in a cranberry bog. My curiosity was satisfied and I wasn’t impressed.


One set of ghostly site decorations.

The Halloween decorations elsewhere in the campground were more interesting. I’m not sure when decorating for Halloween became a big thing. There are campsites with more decorations than I typically see at Christmas time. Next weekend is one of the campgrounds official Halloween weekends so I expect more elaborate decorations next then.

I’m changing sites tomorrow so I can stay here another week. My original intent was to move to Bourne Scenic Park on the Cape Cod Canal tomorrow. The sites available when I talked to them earlier this week were not the best. There are better sites available the last week of the month, so that is the new plan.

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