Yet Another Lazy Day

Saturday August 31st 2019

The noise from my neighbors packing up this morning at 7AM woke me up. All of the Oregon Statue football fans packed and departed this morning. All of the orange and black team colors were gone today. When I walked around later only I saw one Oklahoma State fan, but all the Oregon State fans had disappeared. I wonder if they left because they lost.

Blossom of the day

Today was a bright sunny day with only a few clouds. The temperature peaked in the low eighties with out much wind. After four weeks of highs around seventy along the coast it was a real change. The heat combined with my early wake up call and a general lack of a plan resulted in a very lazy day. It seemed like every time I sat still for a few minutes I dozed off for a few minutes.

I wasn’t a complete couch potato. I got the car prepped for touring by removing the bicycle along with its rack and storing the towing paraphernalia. Later I got the gas grill out and cooked a couple of hamburgers with sauteed onions for the main meal of the day. For exercise I walked around the campground a couple of times taking pictures of the flowering plants.

Tonight I watched another Oregon football team lose. This time it was the Oregon University Ducks getting defeated by the Auburn Tigers in the last few seconds of the game. This is not the state to be in if you want happy football fans this weekend.

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