Where did the warm weather go?

Wednesday August 28th 2019

There was real fog this morning a lot heavier than the usual low clouds. The sun didn’t make an appearance until after 11AM and the temperature never crossed the seventy mark. Inland they were still experiencing record highs. By late afternoon the cloud cover was returning and it cooled off even more.

I made the fifteen plus mile drive into Coos Bay with the intent of visiting the farmers market. Parking was difficult to find. I drove around in ever bigger circles looking for an empty space without success. When I reached the road out of town to the west, I gave up and kept going. I bought the peaches I was looking for at Walmart along with this weeks collection of provisions.

Today’s visitors to my campsite. For the first two and a half weeks here I didn’t see any ducks. The last two days they’ve been all over the place.

When I crossed the bridge over Coos Bay there were many small boats hovering in the channel on both sides of the bridge. In past trips over the bridge the water was empty. My guess is that one of the salmon runs has begun. I stopped on the way out of town at one of the parks to see if I could get a better view of the fishing action, but didn’t have much luck. I hope the salmon are running in the Columbia River when I’m back in the gorge in a little over two weeks.

My campsite seem to be the perfect place for a nap.

Tomorrow is my last full day in this area. I move inland for the holiday weekend on Friday. My focus tomorrow will be chores around the rig and getting ready for travel. As I look around my RV home tonight, it is apparent that I haven’t been doing a good job of putting things away after I use them. The living space is full of clutter and will require more than the usual amount of packing.

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