Elk Viewing

Thursday August 22nd 2019

The heavy mist and rain let up overnight, but the clouds remained when daylight returned. It took until early afternoon for the sun to make an appearance in the sky. My the end of the afternoon the temperature had made it to around seventy.

Once the sun was shining bright, I hit the road for some touring. Today’s destination was the Dean Creak Elk Viewing Area just east of Reedsport. There are a series of pastures along state route 38 that the Bureau of Land Management maintains to support a local herd of around 100 Roosevelt Elk. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The middle of the afternoon didn’t seem like a good time to see Elk, but I did.

View east from near the west end of the Dean Creek Elk Viewing area.

The viewing area is spread out along the road. The central area has a kiosk with descriptions of the area and the wildlife. The overview provided by the placards was interesting, but I didn’t see any elk. I started to scan the far side of the meadow with my binoculars. I still couldn’t find any elk. My binocular search finally locked in on a couple of other tourists down the road a piece that were using their own binoculars. Following the direction of their search I found two elk about a third of the way across the meadow. One was taking a nap and the other was foraging on the side of the creek. I moved down toward the other tourists for a better look.

I stayed at the viewing area for about an hour. I saw tree elk in that time. The main herd was probably back in the tree line on the far side of the meadow. I will try to visit the viewing area again while I’m in the area. Next time I’ll try for an earlier or later viewing hour.

Noisy Geese

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