The Summer Heat Found the Oregon Coast

Tuesday August 27th 2019

Today’s weather wasn’t like any other day I’ve experienced this summer on the Oregon cost. It was hot. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties with much less wind than normal. It wasn’t bad compared to other areas in the region. Inland, in the Willamette valley record high temperatures in the triple digits were achieved. Tomorrow is forecast to be another warm day.

Blossom of the day

There was more turnover in the RV park today than I expected. My noisy neighbors were among the departing guests. They left just after checkout time this morning, but not without a little drama. In their hast or disorder to leave, they forgot to close the rear storage bin in their motorhome. A couple of other neighbors start yelling at them and one guy started running after them waiving his arms. I don’t know if they ever got the message. The guy running after them had to stop before the RV reached the main road, but he sure got his exercise for the day.

This afternoon I drove to the shore along the Oregon Dunes area of the coast. I wasn’t real impressed with all the sand. To reach the actual coast it was necessary to climb up and over a very sandy dune. I climbed to the top, emptied my shoes, looked around and turned back. I had to empty my shoes again before I got into the car. Finishing the walk across the dune in the deep loose sand wasn’t worth it in the bright sun. I’m just surprised at how different the Oregon Dunes area of the coast is from the areas north and south of the dunes.

The tail end of a parade through the campground of twelve or more ducks.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry, I’m in my fourth week in this area. I need an extra push to get out and tour some of the things left to see in the area. Since I’m a solo traveler that push has to come from within. Tonight, I’m trying to talk myself into a return visit to the Coos Bay farmers market tomorrow. Stay tune to see if I’m successful.

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