Return to Corvallis

Friday August 30th 2019

It was cloudy overnight and into the morning. I didn’t experience sunshine until after three in the afternoon, but some of that was caused by my direction of travel. The coast probably cleared off around noon.

I was on the road north and inland shortly before 11am. My departure was delayed by a neighbor having to engage me in conversation while I was packing up. The guy had ignored me for two weeks, but this morning he had to ask if I had property in the path of the hurricane. He assumed from my Florida license plates that I must be worried about hurricane Dorian. I’m not sure he got the concept of full time RV living. He couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t be back in Florida until late next year. My problem was that I had to recheck a number of tasks to make sure I didn’t skip anything important while having the conversation.

Once I was on the road, my first order of business was filling the gas tank. I had previously scouted a station with good access. It wasn’t the cheapest station in town and it had more than a ten cent markup for using a credit card. I think they also raised the price a few cents for the holiday weekend, but I wasn’t going anywhere without fuel. In the end, I spent more to fill the tank than I ever have. The $3.379 per gallon price may not have been the highest, but by the time they put 54 gallons in, I’d spent $182.47.

Site 90 at the Albany/Corvallis KOA.

Traffic was heavy as I worked my way inland on the secondary highway. I was often in a line behind slower vehicles waiting for the section of road with a passing lane. On a couple of the hills the line was behind me. For the most part all of the traffic kept moving. Once I reached Interstate 5 the traffic got heavier, but moved along at a steady pace. I arrived for my return visit to the Albany/Corvallis KOA just before 2pm. I stayed in this campground in the middle of July. It was a convenient place with openings for the holiday weekend.

The campground is close to full tonight. In addition to travelers and holiday weekenders, there are a number of Oregon State University Football fans. There are many OSU Beaver Flags and team colors around the campground. The fall football season began tonight at the OSU stadium a few miles from here. To be confusing OSU is playing OSU. The Oregon State University Beavers are hosting the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. As I’m writing this blog entry the local team is behind by 22 points. My neighbors may not be in the best mood tomorrow.

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