Thinking about Next Years Travel Plans

Saturday August 24th 2019

The temperature peaked a little over seventy today following the standard weather pattern. The overnight clouds gave way to sunshine followed by a strong breeze in the afternoon. It is easy to see why Oregonians flock to the coast to enjoy this weather.

The Lily Pads are blossoming in Tenmile Lake

This is the fourth weekend I’ve been in this area. I’ve leaned that the areas along the coast that draw people to the area are very busy. During the week you can find parking, but on the weekend it’s not always possible. I choose to stay at home today watching preseason NFL games and doing travel research.

After getting the winter and first quarter of next years travel plans locked in, I’ve started to research next year. With reservation windows for some public campgrounds opening a year in advance, I’m already late making some of next summers reservations at my preferred type of campground. It is pretty hard to make reservations when your not sure where your going. The last few years I’ve waited far to long to make a plan. The area between the mountains in 2017 and this year worked out, but last year was a mess of random travel in the mid west and east. The only common element was the high stress associated with the process, so I’m trying to get things locked in early.

My starting point is Arizona in the middle of April and my ending point is Florida around the beginning of November. In between I plan to focus on the area between the Rocky mountains and the Appalachians. There is far too much territory in the middle of the country to see more than a tiny part of it. A rough plan is to go north along the eastern side of the Rockies, then turn east in Northern Wyoming or Montana. My list of “want to sees” is a lot longer than six months of relaxed travel will support. You’d think it was just a matter of prioritizing, but it gets complicated when you throw in some of the constraints. For example, I don’t want to be in the Black Hills of South Dakota during motorcycle gathering season in August, but visiting earlier short changes my time along the eastern side of the Rockies in New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming. Clearly I’m trying to do too much, but what to cut. Maybe I need to come up with a rough plan for 2021 to pick up the excess first.

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