Relaxing on a not so quiet day

Monday August 26th 2019

Today was a clear sunny day. The usual overnight cloud cover didn’t arrive last night. The remainder of the day fit the pattern. The high temperature was around seventy and a good breeze filled the air in the afternoon. Tomorrow is forecast to be warmer than normal. That means mid seventies along the coast. Inland it’s forecast to be in the mid to upper nineties.

I’m surprised by the number of berry bushes I’ve found in this area. Even more surprising is the birds and other critters don’t seem to care.

The nice quiet that arrived yesterday afternoon with the departure of all the weekend residents continued this morning. It help contribute to my sleeping in for an added hour. All of the quiet came to an end around 1PM. An RV with four elementary school age kids arrived on the site across the drive from mine. Nobody communicated quietly. The kids talked with each other at the top of their lungs, screamed and complained to their parents about every altercation with their siblings only to hear their parents prove they can yell louder. I don’t have any real issue with kids having fun, but this was something else. At the dinner hour it got worse. Half of southern Oregon arrived to have a cook out with the noisy family. Three or four car fulls of adults, kids and dogs arrived to have dinner cooked over a smokey fire. The noise level went up and I closed my windows and turn the AC on for white noise. I think my other neighbors did the same thing. The party ended around 9PM. Everything is back to the pre-party noise level, but the peace and quiet of this morning is long gone.

Today’s water lily blossom.

I am in my fourth week in this area. Consequently, my enthusiasm for touring is waning. There are still things of interest to do and places to visit, but I can easily be swayed by an interesting TV show or a good story to read. That is what happened today. By the time I thought about leaving the RV park it was mid afternoon. I didn’t have a specific plan for the day, so it was easy to just keep reading and watching TV.

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