A Walk on the Beach

Friday August 23rd 2019

The normal summer weather pattern has returned to the area. The overnight clouds burned off mid morning followed by a gentle wind from the north. The temperature a few hundred yards inland from the coast made it to about seventy. It was cooler right at the coast and a lot warmer a few miles inland.

Today I went for a walk on the beach. I chose to explore Bastendorff Beach near the mouth of Coos Bay. The tide was on its way in while I was there providing plenty of area to walk. There were a few brave people playing in the cold water and cool air. The air temperature over the water was in the sixties. Wispy fog was in the air where the ocean air met the slightly warmer air over the ground. The ocean floor in this area seems to be fairly flat making for a lot of surf.

This was a very sandy beach that didn’t have as much driftwood as some of the other Oregon beaches I’ve explored. Along the water line at this beach was plenty of seaweed. Some of the species of seaweed are new to me. There is one plant that looks like a long snake with a round ball for a head. I haven’t seen anything like it on the east coast, but there was plenty on the beach today.

I also encountered a bird that I haven’t seen before. It is probably a variety of seagull, but it is very gray in color and its beak is red with a black tip. There were a pair of them in one area of the beach. Further down the beach there was collection of the more common seagulls.

Back at the RV park this evening, the place is returning to life. During the week many of the seasonal trailers weren’t occupied and others were occupied by people that didn’t leave their rigs. Last night and today the families started to arrive. Tonight there are kids riding bicycles and adults walking around. More significantly, it is not as quiet. Diesel truck motors, ATVs and people talking loudly make the area more lively.

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