Another Great Sunset

Saturday September 17th 2022

The brief rain shower overnight gave an early warning to the slight change in the weather. It was more humid today, but blue sky and sun still dominated the weather. The temperature peaked in the mid to upper eighties. A nice breeze kept everything comfortable during the day and it still ended with a beautiful sunset across Lake Seminole.

Blossom of the day.

Other than three walks around the campground and one of the overgrown trails, my day was filled with routine chores, reading and watching TV. The simple chore of cooking breakfast proved that my toaster will live for a while longer. Overall it was a very relaxed day.

Remembering an Evacuation

Friday September 16th 2022

Two years ago today I got evacuated from this very campground. Hurricane Sally dropped enough rain to cause flooding in the campground. I was never in real danger, but the ranger in charge evacuated the campground for another Army Corp of Engineer Campground in the area. I was able to return two days later. This year the weather is the opposite of wet. It was another day without rain filled with blue sky and sun. The only change from the last couple of days is an increase in humidity that has allowed a few puffy clouds to develop in the sky.

Lake Seminole through the trees in the morning.

Most of the day I don’t know what time it is. Since I’m located at the very western edge of the Eastern Time Zone my cell phone usually locks onto a tower on the other side of Lake Seminole in the Central Time Zone. The result is the time on my cell phone is an hour behind the actual time in this location. My clocks are all still set to Eastern Daylight Time. Depending on what source I look at I get a different idea of what time it is. Today it was even more complicated for a short time when my cell phone seem to lock onto an Eastern Time Zone tower. The real complication is the TV broadcasts in the morning. The stations are in the Central Time Zone, so the morning news shows are an hour later than the actual time. It allows me to be lazy and sleep in.

The areas of the campground near the lake have filled up for the weekend. There are only a few empty sites in the A and C loops. I’m in the B loop which is in an open area away from the water. Tonight the B loop only has four campers. I don’t mind the solitude.

Toaster Crisis

Thursday September 15th 2022

The nice weather trend continued. Today was very similar to the last few days. It was bright sunshine, blue sky and low humidity all day. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties.

Blossom of the day,
Blue Sky over Lake Seminole.

My daily breakfast usually involves my toaster. It may be used to turn bread into toast or heat an English muffin to golden perfection. This morning I loaded the bread into the toaster on the counter and sat down to my coffee and the internet. Moments later I was startled by the smoke detector and the smell of acrid smoke. Setting off the smoke detector with the toaster has happened before, but the acrid smoke rising from the toaster was a new experience. It was time to clean the toaster.

Toaster post crisis.

My toaster is stuck to the counter with 3M mounting tape so I don’t have to pack it away before each move. It has been that way since 2018. I use the sliding tray under the toaster and occasionally the vacuum cleaner to empty the crumbs. I’m not sure the last time it was emptied. The acrid smoke called for a more drastic cleaning. I unstuck the toaster from the counter, turned it over and shook the contents into the sink. It looked like half a loaf of bread in crumb form came out. Ok, nearly a cup. Along with the crumbs was a twist tie and a little piece of plastic wrap. I’m assuming the plastic wrap was the source of the acrid smoke. I’ll use the toaster for a couple of days to make sure it’s working before I stick it down again. Worst case is I need to buy a new toaster after a decade or more of use.

The Pine cones are falling from the trees. Is this a sign of fall?

New RVs are arriving for the weekend. I don’t think the campground will fill up, but it will likely be the most occupied it has been since I arrived. Many of the new arrivals have brought their boats. The activity at the boat launch has increased and the sound of outboard motors can be heard during the day. There isn’t any place to keep the boats in the water, so they get loaded back onto their trailers after every use. The available parking in the campground is filled with trailered boats.

Sunset over Lake Seminole.

Blog Monotony

Wednesday September 14th 2022

The trend of very nice days continued. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties with very little humidity and lots of sunshine. The day ended with a very vivid sunset across Lake Seminole. It was a perfect late summer early fall day.

The day ended with a beautiful sunset.

My blog entries have been very monotonous lately. They reflect the rather laid back approach to my travels lately. The blog entries seem to begin with a weather report and include a discussion of the condition of the campground. In between these dry paragraphs I try to include a few interesting pictures. They are usually of birds or interesting blossoms. I’ve even included a few too many pictures of the sky to document the weather.

The blog fills one very important element in my life. It provides some structure. I know that every evening I will sit down in front of my computer to create a blog entry. During the day I take my camera with me on every walk and outing to capture content for the blog. I also use my walks to consider what I will write about at the end of the day. Sometimes I use those thoughts in the blog and other times I take the easy way out and write more about the weather between my pictures. Either way it provides a record of each day on my Rambling Road Trip.

I would like to thank everyone that reads my blog entries. I’ll strive to make them a little more textually interesting as I continue my Rambling Road Trip and daily blogging.

A Few Birds on a Lazy Day

Tuesday September 13th 2022

If Monday’s weather was an 8, today’s weather was a 9. The sky was blue all day. The humidity was low and there was a gentle breeze. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties.

It was another lazy day. I spent time reading and watching TV separated by a few walks around the park. A few birds obliged me with photo opportunities including one that I didn’t expect. A large bird on a perch out in Lake Seminole turned out to be an Osprey once I zoom in and crop the photo a lot.

This evening I finally found a real sunset. I’m not used to 7:47 being sunset this late in the summer. The late time is because the location is on the western edge of the Eastern Time Zone.

Blue Sky Returns

Monday September 12th 2022

After nearly a week of overcast cloudy days it was nice to see a blue sky today. For the majority of the day only a few fluffy white clouds filled the otherwise blue sky. Near sunset a couple of big black clouds arrived to threaten rain. So far everything has stayed dry. The temperature peaked in the mid to upper eighties.

I got a slow start to the day. The TV coverage of events in the United Kingdom caught my attention. It is a historic and sad event, but does it really warrant coverage on American broadcast TV networks? It seems like a perfect topic for internet streaming services. If you want to watch it, you can seek it out.

Walking around the campground today was more interesting than the last few days. The sunny weather seems to have raised the activity level. A few more of the weekend residents departed this morning. As the day went by more campers arrived to fill in some of the vacancies. There are more campers in the park tonight than any other night since I arrived early last week.

A Good Day to Watch NFL Football

Sunday September 11th 2022

Today began as a gloomy day and got worse before it got better. Shortly after noon the thunder boomers arrived. It was loud and persistent with steady rain for a couple of hours. The sun was out by late afternoon.

Wildflower blossom of the day

I spent most of the day inside. Lucky for me NFL football is back on TV. I watched parts of several games along with some Indy car racing and some NASCAR racing. It was a big sports watching day.

When the sun came out I took my first walk around the park of the day. The weekend residents had departed, but were replaced by an equal number of new arrivals. The park remains about a quarter full. I tried to time my second walk of the day for sunset, but I really didn’t know when it was. My confusing location on the boarder of two time zones makes looking up the time for sunset a challenge. I thought it was a lot earlier than reality.

Still about an hour before actual sunset.

An Almost Rainy Day

Saturday September 10th 2022

It was another day with weather that couldn’t make up its mind. Most of the day was overcast with a very low ceiling. During the middle of the day a little rain arrived, but didn’t stick around. It was just enough to drive everyone inside. Most of the Florida panhandle is getting rained on. Some of the areas near the coast have received several inches of rain the last few days. This area seems to be located on a seem in the bands of rain. There is a lot of rain to the west and even more to the east. I am not going to complain.

“Not a good day for swimming.”
Morning overcast over Lake Seminole.

The weather seems to have impacted occupancy at the campground this weekend. The campsite markers at this campground have tags to indicate reservation dates and duration of occupancy. On my walk today I saw at least half a dozen empty sites that were supposed to be occupied. Oddly, there are also a large number of sites that are scheduled to be occupied starting Sunday. There may be more people in the campground at the beginning of the week than there were this weekend.

The weather also seems to have kept the people with boats on land. There are several trailered boats in the campground rather than hosting fishermen in the lake. It looks like good fishing weather, but the lake is large. Getting caught in the middle if a thunderstorm develops wouldn’t be a good thing.

Overcast sky at the end of the day.

A Good Day for Chores

Friday September 9th 2022

The weather forecast called for a rainy day, but they got it wrong. Most of the day was a similar overcast to the last couple of days. In the late afternoon a light rain arrived and continued off and on into the evening. Overall the temperature climbed into the mid eighties before crashing into the seventies when the rain arrived.

The overcast day hangs low over Lake Seminole

Most of my day was filled with cleaning and maintenance tasks around my RV home. In between I got in two walks around the campground. The third was canceled for rain. A few more campers arrived for the weekend as the day progressed. There will still be plenty of sites for any last minute arrivals, but there may not be any room in the trash dumpsters. On my second walk of the day I took a large bag of trash to the dumpsters and had a hard time getting it to fit. I’m betting that a trash pickup was missed this week because of the holiday.

There was more wind today so the bugs were not as big a problem. The wind may have also discouraged the birds from this side of the lake. The only thing I found worthy of pictures today were lots of wild flowers.

Another Hazy Overcast Day

Thursday September 8th 2022

It was another hazy overcast day. There was plenty of humidity, but without sun the overall temperature stayed in the mid eighties. Later in the day a little more wind developed to lift some of the hazy and keep the temperature comfortable. In the evening a brief rain shower passed through the area to mar the full day of dry weather.

Walking on Lilly Pads.

This seems to be a bug season in Florida. I’m not sure what the bug is swarming. It isn’t the classic love bug, but it got all over the front of my motorhome during the drive on Tuesday. Yesterday I saw many of the bugs plastered on the side of the park information kiosk. Today I had the displeasure of walking through a couple of swarms. They don’t seem to bite people, but they will land on you and hang around until you brush them off. It really is annoying. So far I haven’t had more than a couple get inside my RV home.

The campground is in mid week empty form. There were only about fifteen rigs in the park last night out of almost seventy sites. A few departed today and a few others arrived. I expect to see many more tomorrow for the weekend.