Travel to the Washington Tri Cities Area

Monday June 17th 2019

I woke up this morning to strong winds again. Since it was a travel day, I hoped it would calm down quickly like the last two days. When I left the Farewell Bend State Park at 10:30, it was a little better. I would have to contend with the wind all day.

The journey west on Interstate 84 roughly parallels the path of the Oregon trail. The road was very up and down. It eventually climbed about two thousand feet from my weekend base. About half of the elevation was given back on a long winding six percent down grade. Some of the scenery was beautiful, but I really couldn’t enjoy it. I had to watch the road closely and do all of the driving. Cruise control in the mountains isn’t a viable option. The trucks would pass me on the flat sections of the road. I’d slowly pass many of the trucks on the uphill sections when fast moving cars would allow me to get into the passing lane. On the downhill it was a toss up. Some of the truckers just let the rig roll going down hill. I try to keep the speed slow enough that I’m in control without over stressing the brakes. The whole way I was thinking about the difficulty of crossing the area in a wagon pulled by horses or oxen.

Site 38 at Hood Park Army Corp of Engineers Campground.

I’m at Hood Park on the Snake River just north of its merge with the Columbia River. It is in southern Washington near the tri-cities of Kennewick, Pasco and Richland. The location is a little further north into Washington than I thought. I miss interpreted the scale of the map. What I thought was twelve to fifteen miles turned into forty five. My plan is to range out from here on day trips over the next two to three weeks. We’ll see how well that goes.

I have internet and cell phone again. Before I post this blog entry I will be posting the last three days. Since I’m back dating them, they may not alert subscribers. Here are links to each of them:




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