Exploring Hood Park

Tuesday June 18th 2019

It was another hot day. The temperature peaked around ninety, but a light wind kept conditions comfortable if you were out of the direct sun. It is not humid. The dry heat warrants a lot of water drinking. The next few days are forecast to be cooler.

I spent the day getting settled in for my two week stay and exploring Hood Park. The park is an Ary Corp of Engineers facility on the east bank of the Snake River. It is located down stream from the Ice Harbor Lock and Dam and just up stream from the merge with the Columbia River. It is possible for products and trade goods to come all the way up river from the Pacific Ocean or the reverse. There are terminals for grain and fuel on the far bank of the river.

Bridge over the Snake River. A little ways down river the water empties into the Columbia River to continue its voyage to the sea.

In addition to the campground there is a large day use area with a beach on the river and a boat launch area. On this hot day there were a lot of families with kids swimming and playing in the river. A few people were using the picnic area and a half a dozen empty boat trailers were in the parking lot. Later in the day I saw a few boats return to the boat ramp from fishing up river toward the dam. The campground and day use area have plenty of shade trees and lots of green grass, but the park staff needs to work to keep it that way. During the first half of the day a maintenance worker was continuously turning sprinklers on, adjusting there flow for maximum coverage and then turning them off after everything got a good soak. If they had the water pressure to turn them all on at once it would be a real wet show.

Tanks, fuel barges and tugs across the river from Hood Park.

My other activity today was catching up on my internet based reading. After spending the weekend without net access, I had many blogs and news sources to catch up on. I usually spend more than an hour a day reading RV related blogs. Today I spent more than three hours catching up. The other impact of my weekend network isolation is the loss of momentum making reservations for August and September. In the middle of last week I was getting ready to commit to a few more reservations. I need to find that momentum again.

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