A Few Observations

Sunday June 16th 2019

Strong winds for a few hours after sunset seem to be a common occurrence in this area. It happened again last night and seems to be happening tonight as I write this blog entry. The wind really stirs up everything and makes a lot of noise, but it also manages to flush any of the lingering heat of the day away. The temperature made it up to about 90 degrees today under a full sunny sky.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

The Price Valley Heli-Rappellers with the Payette National Forest had an exercise going on in the front of the park today. It was kind of hard to figure out what they were doing. They seemed to be practicing loading and unloading the helicopter. I didn’t see any actual repelling from the copter. I just saw several take off and landings by the helicopter with lots of stuff getting loaded and unloaded between trips. It was interesting but noisy.

I watched more boats being launched and recovered from the boat ramp. All of today’s boats were towed by pickup trucks and SUVs. One interesting difference between these boats and the once on the east coast is the majority are made of aluminum. Fiberglass boats are in the minority. Many of the aluminum boats are quite large and have enclosed cabins.

Unloading drill
Time to lift off.

The campground has become quiet. All of the weekend campers and boaters have departed. They started pulling out early this morning and continued until the 1PM checkout time. There weren’t a lot of new arrivals this afternoon. I’ll be leaving tomorrow to travel to the confluence of the Snake and Columbia river on the Oregon Washington State boarder about half way across the state. It is a little over 200 miles from here.

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