Exploring Farewell Bend State Park

Saturday June 15th 2019

The wind blew hard last night. It helped cool yesterdays 90 degree high temperatures down to comfortable sleeping weather. The only trick was treating the noise of the wind as white noise. Sometime during the night it calmed down, but the wind returned for a while this morning. Eventually it died down again and the temperature of the bright sunny day reached the high eighties.

A view of the Brownlee reservoir of the Snake River. The direction of the river’s flow is north out a cut in the mountains on the left of the picture.

The Farewell Bend State Recreation Area is a little green oasis on the side of the Snake River Brownlee Reservoir. It is surrounded by steeply rolling grass covered hills. I spent the day exploring the park. It has a large day use area with a boat launch in addition to the campground. Many of the visitors are here for the fishing in the reservoir. Walking through the campground it is not surprising to see boats in addition to tents, trailers and motorhomes. One thing I hadn’t seen before, that I think is for freshly caught fish, is small chest freezers sitting beside the power pedestal. I saw two different tent campers that had similar top loading chest freezers on there campsite. One tent camper with a boat also had a small white refrigerator about half the size of the freezer siting beside it.

Oregon Trail pioneer wagon at the front of the park.

The other surprising thing I saw was a full size class A motorhome launching a boat. They managed to accomplish the task without getting the RV wet, but the motorhome drivetrain sure protested loudly as it pulled the boat out of the water and up the steep ramp. The owners must really want to use their boat to risk a one hundred thousand dollar plus motorhome at the bottom of a boat ramp. I saw another motorhome with a boat heading for the ramp later in the day, but I didn’t watch the “bizzar” act.

You can’t see how great the slope is from this picture. The grade is greater than any road I’d go on.

Reading and watching TV filled out the rest of my day. Not having internet access and no local TV stations to watch the news causes a real change in my routine. I really don’t know what’s going on in the world. I’m still writing this blog every night, but it won’t get published until I arrive at my next destination on Monday.

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