Travel Day to Oregon

Friday June 14th 2019

Today was a long travel day from Arco Idaho to the Farewell Bend State Recreation area near Huntington Oregon. Farewell Bend is about twenty five miles northwest of the state line with Idaho along Interstate 84. Its name is derived from the point where the Oregon trail leaves the Snake River and heads in a more westerly direction.

Rose blossom of the day.

My travel day was across many different types of terrain and roads. The first third of the trip was on two lane roads that varied from sixty miles per hour to twenty five through towns. Once I reached Interstate 84 it was just a long haul. I went through desert land, farm land, ranch land and city scape on the journey. The city scape in Boise was fairly easy with three, four and five lanes on the interstate highway.

Old emigrant wagon at the Oregon Welcome Center.

I departed Arco at 10:30 Mountain Daylight time and arrived at my destination just before 4PM Pacific Daylight time. The six and half hour elapsed time includes one stop for gas and an hour long stop at the Oregon Welcome center. Farewell Bend State Park is on the side of the Snake River Brownlee Reservoir. When I arrived there were many empty sites with reservation placards on the sign posts. By six it was completely full of weekend campers. I’ll be here until Monday without cell phone service and no over the air TV. I managed to get a satellite signal through the trees, so I’m not completely without entertainment.

Site 63 at the Farewell Bend State Recreation Area. The sites aren’t very level. My front wheels are off the ground. The leveling jacks have all the weight.
My view of the Brownlee reservoir of the Snake River. The far shore is Idaho.

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