A Visit to Sun Valley

Thursday June 13th 2019

A thunderstorm is overhead this evening as I write this blog entry. The day started sunny and dry. The temperature was in the mid seventies shortly after 3PM when the big black clouds of a thunderstorm made their way slowly over the mountains and down the valley. By 5PM it started to brighten up again, but the temperature had cooled down significantly. All was calm until 9PM, when the current storm started to make its presences known.

On the valley floor surrounded by mountains.

I drove to the Sun Valley Idaho area today. It is over a couple of mountain ridge lines and across wide valleys. I couldn’t help thinking about the pioneers heading for Oregon in the 1830s. There weren’t any roads and only very basic maps. Most of the details were only known to trappers that had hunted the area previously. The rivers, mountains and other hazards make the journey near impossible. Even today when you cross a mountain ridge and drop down to the floor of a wide valley you are surrounded by mountains. The road is the only thing that tells you how to get out of the valley. It looks like a solid wall of mountains in every direction. The wagon train guides would probably know the general direction of a suitable pass to get out of the valley, but scouts would still need to explore ahead to find the best way across the valley. My journey to Sun Valley took around an hour and a half. It would have taken a wagon weeks.

Following the roads and direction signs I crossed the last valley and turned north. The valley gradually got narrower and tourist towns became more frequent. The speed limit dropped to 25mph in every community and the traffic increased. I passed a busy airport with several expensive private jets and a small Delta Airlines jet on the tarmac. This was a sure sign I was approaching an upscale resort area. Traffic continued to increase the further north in the valley I traveled. Eventually I saw green ski runs on one of the mountains to the west. This was my only clue that I’d reached the main area of the valley. Most of the bigger resort areas seemed to be well off to the east and west at the base of the mountains. The traffic didn’t allow me time to see things or figure out where to turn to see more of the area. After traveling several miles north of the center of the action I turned around and returned through the towns. The drive was an interesting overview of the area. If I were staying nearer for a longer period of time, it would be fun to hike some of the trails or ride the bike trail.

Returning to camp looking down into the valley that is home to the town of Arco. The thunder clouds are starting to move in over mountains.

Back at camp, between thunderstorms, I got most of the outside tasks completed for tomorrows travel day. I’m moving on about 275 miles into Oregon. The state park I have reserved for the weekend has a check in time of 4PM and it’s in the next time zone. Check out here is at 11AM, so I’m going to have to kill time somewhere along the way.

Afternoon thunderstorm making its way down the valley.

I have read notes on the internet that the cell service at my destination is not good. I may not be able to update this blog while I’m at my campsite. If that is the case, I will still write a daily entry, but the posts will be delayed until I’m in an area with cell service.

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