Return of the Crazy Cardinal

Monday December 17th 2018

When I was at this campground in March, I was located three sites down from here. A little red bird I named the Crazy Cardinal decided that my Motorhome needed to be attacked. I described it in my blog entry here.  This morning the Crazy Cardinal returned to wake me up shortly after seven. He repeated the same performance from March several times this morning. From the bushes about five feet from my dining area window the bird launches itself at my windows. Then he returns to the bushes and stares at the RV before repeating the process.

Starting position watching the RV closely. (picture taken through the window)
Getting ready to launch.
Darn that big thing is still there.

I do not understand what this behavior is all about. I’ve had it happen one other time to a lesser degree at another campground. This cardinal, which probably isn’t the same one as last time, is very intense at this behavior. I don’t think it is attacking a reflection it thinks is a rival. There just isn’t that good a reflection. There aren’t any bugs on the windows to eat, so I’m at a loss to figure out the reason. The one thing I’m sure of is how it annoys me.

Not as many alligators out of the water on a cool day.

The impact of the weekend cold front has arrived. It was a cool day with the temperature in the mid sixties. The wind was strong out of the north most of the day. Still, it was a warmer day than I had in Las Vegas at this time last year. I didn’t mind the weather there because I expected it to be cool to cold. Here, I expect it to be mostly warm. This weather roller coaster goes from a day or two around eighty to a day or two closer to sixty. The transition to cold is usually accompanied by rain and thunderstorms with lots of wind. Wednesday night and Thursday is the next big cold front in the forecast. I can’t wait! Yuk!

I need binoculars to be sure, but those big white birds may be white pelicans.
Great Blue Heron has found a nice lunch.
Roseate Spoonbills coming.
And going.

My late morning bicycle ride was cut short by the cold wind. I wasn’t dressed for it. Later in the day I drove to the back side of the park to visit the Bird Walk. The Bird Walk is a boardwalk out into the marsh along the edge of Upper Myakka Lake. There were some serious birders there with spotting scopes and lists to check off. I needed to bring my binoculars to see the birds out in the lake. I’ll go back better prepared another day. At the end of the day I took one more short bike ride to the Myakka River. The gators had ready gone to the bottom to stay warm.

Sunset over the Myakka river.

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