Driving and Construction

Tuesday December 18th 2018

Today was a few degrees warmer than yesterday with very little wind. It was a beautiful day, but still described as below normal temperatures by the TV weather talkers. I spent a lot of time behind the wheel of the car driving around the area.

There is a great deal of ongoing road construction in this state. It starts on the road from the state park to the interstate and resumes a little ways north on the interstate. All of the road improvements have a sign that describes the activity and its expected end date. The descriptions aren’t very helpful and the end dates are mostly in 2020. Hopefully it’s quality work, because it sure is slow work.

In addition to the construction, traffic is also getting heavy. People are arriving in the area for Christmas and/or the winter. The number of out of state license tags is increasing. When you put construction and traffic together you get a mess. I saw stopped traffic and a few fender benders in many of the construction areas today.

A pair of gators keeping warm in the sun.
Alligator in the water watching the Great Egret carefully. Lunch time?

At the state park, the birds and alligators are oblivious to all the people and traffic. The gators continue to take the sun on the river bank and the birds are finding plenty of food in the river. Today one of the gators actually took an interest in one of the birds. Nothing came of it, but I thought I might be witness to the food chain in action.

View upstream of the Myakka River as sunset approaches.

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