Why did I do that?

Sunday December 16th 2018

Today was one of those days where you ask yourself “Why did I do that?” more than once. It started with buying gas this morning. I had intended to buy gas in the Orlando area on Thursday, but I didn’t get around to it. This morning the first thing I needed to do once I left the park was fill the tank. The cheapest price I found was ten cents more per gallon than it was in the Orlando area. This was the first “Why did I do that?” of the day.

A couple of gators taking the sun.

The second kick in the pants of the day was a compounding of the first. When I was in Manatee county a few miles north of Sarasota, I saw gas for sixteen cents less than I paid in Sarasota. I need to remember that each county in Florida has a different tax structure when it comes to gas. Usually the price difference is not as dramatic. It was close enough between the counties in the Orlando area that you couldn’t be sure if it was tax or the natural variation between stations. On the other hand, Brevard county on the Atlantic coast had an eight to ten cents per gallon higher price.

Time for lunch. 
Another yummy morsel found. 

The next time I asked myself the question was on the way back home from my wandering in the Bradenton area. I stopped at the biggest mall in the area. It wasn’t for shopping or anything necessary. I just thought I’d check out the Christmas decorations. They were less than impressive. The question is why would a sane person get into all the traffic and park half a mile away on a weekend day before Christmas.

Roseate Spoonbill

I stopped doing questionable things when I got home. Riding my bicycle around the park was a very positive experience. There weren’t as many gators near the road today. It was probably too late in the day. I found plenty of birds willing to pose for photographs or at least not fly away before I snapped a picture. I’ve included a few in this blog entry.

Sunset over the Myakka River

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