Crazy Cardinal

Tuesday March 20th 2018

The temperature went up quickly this morning. It was a hot and humid day in the low 80s by noon. The wind was blowing from sunrise, but got very strong shortly after noon. A squall line was approaching the area from the northwest. The TV started announcing sever weather and tornado warnings north of here. The sky got darker as the line of thunderstorms approached. As the line passed through this area, it was largely anticlimactic. We got a few brief showers that barely wet the ground. Less that an hour later the wind died down and the sun started to break through the clouds.


Crazy Cardinal after making the first of several attacks on the side of my RV (picture taken through window glass).

This morning during breakfast I finally got a picture of the cardinal that has been taking out his aggression on the side of my RV home for the last few days. For some reason the bird has been trying to fly through the glass in the windows. It doesn’t make a difference if the shades are up or down. The bird attacks the side of the RV three or four times then sits on a branch and gives it the evil eye. This gets repeated several times before he goes away for the rest of the day.

Today was an off day in my marathon of spring training baseball game watching. Instead I did some shopping, some cooking and more exploring in the park. The cooking was the result of the shopping. I found a piece of corned beef that was on sale after the holiday. It was about a third of the pre St. Patrick’s day price. I put it in the slow cooker along with onions and carrots to cook as soon as I got home from grocery shopping. The potatoes were cooked separately. In addition to today’s meal, I’ll get a few sandwiches and some hash out of the brisket.


Great Blue Heron taking flight in the strong wind.

Before the storm font arrived I got in a short bicycle ride to the river. The alligators were all at the bottom of the river to stay out of the wind and approaching storm. All I saw was a couple of birds. For the added effort of riding the bike in the wind, I didn’t get much reward. I got a better animal sighting right at my campsite later in the day. A bunny rabbit stopped by to visit.


This rabbit came to visit this evening.

Overall, I didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted. The decision to cook the corned beef brisket and the weather got in the way of running additional errands. Tomorrow, I’m back in spring training game watching mode.

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