Red Sox vs. Rays Spring Training Game

Wednesday March 21st 2018

After yesterday’s cold front today was a much cooler and windy day. The temperature only reached the high sixties to low seventies. It very much depended on where you were located. The wind was out of the north all day.


Empty field and batting cage at Charlotte Sports Complex waiting for the Red Sox to take batting practice.

Today I was back in spring training baseball game watching mode. The game between the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays was at the Charlotte Sports complex about forty miles south in Port Charlotte FL. I arrived in plenty of time to watch the Red Sox take batting practice, but they had other ideas. The Red Sox completed their pregame preparations at their home park in Fort Meyers before boarding the bus to Port Charlotte. The grounds crew had already removed the batting cage from the field by the time the Red Sox’s bus arrived.


Red Sox at bat.

My seat for the game was high in the stands on the first base side. This is a good location. It would have been terrific if it wasn’t windy and cool. With the wind swirling under the roof in the seating area it felt like it was in the low sixties. Most of the people around me were in jackets and sweatshirts. I was in a short sleeve shirt. I really should have paid more attention to the weather forecast. There was a lot of action in the game that kept my attention off the weather. The Red Sox got off to a quick start and lead all the way. The final score was Red Sox 8, Rays 3.


My friendly neighborhood bunny rabbit stopped by for another visit this evening.

I warmed up in the car on the drive back to my RV home. It was comfortable in the sun, but not in the shade. Once the sun set the wind calmed down considerable. The temperature also dropped. It is forecast to be in the forties once again tonight.


Sky to the south just before sunset tonight.

Tomorrow I will see the Red Sox again. They will be playing the Orioles in Sarasota. Hopefully they will take batting practice at Ed Smith stadium rather than two hours away at Jet Blue Park in Fort Myers.

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