Twins vs. Pirates Spring Training Game

Monday March 19th 2018

It was foggy and warm overnight. The day started very cloudy and was slow to clear. It was mostly sunny with high temperatures in the low eighties by late afternoon. Tomorrow a front is due to pass through the area with the possibility of thunderstorms and wind.


LEMCO Park from left field during batting practice.


Twins taking batting practice,

I went to Bradenton FL for a spring training game between the Minnesota Twins and the Pittsburg Pirates. A historic old park now called LEMCO park is the spring training home to the Pirates. The park has been significantly updated with a boardwalk around the outfield. Watching the kids young and old scramble for balls during batting practice on the boardwalk is a lot of fun. I just duck when I see a ball coming.


Twins at bat late in the game.

The fans saw the Pirates come from behind in the eight inning to beat the Twins 11 to 8. The game had a mix of long balls and grind it out baseball. I was seated in an area with a tour group from Minnesota cheering for their team. They were riding a high until the eighth inning. The Twins scored first and remained ahead until the Pirates rallied in the bottom of the eight. The tour group left very disappointed in the outcome.


Terns hydrating before the game. They circled the field most of the game.

Tomorrow I’m taking a day off from spring baseball. I need to stock up on some groceries and run a few errands. If the weather cooperates I’ll explore a few more areas of the Myakka River State Park.

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