An Inside Kind of Day

Monday May 22nd 2023

Today was an inside kind of day. It was a dry cloudy day when I got up this morning, but by the time I was through with breakfast it was raining steadily. For the remainder of the day it rained. Sometimes it was heavy with lots of thunder and lightening, but most of the time it just rained. There were flash flood watches in the area in the afternoon. The evening TV weather report indicated that more than two inches of rain fell in parts of the area.

View out the window during the lighter part of the rain.

This is the first day in a very long time that I’ve been restricted to my 250 plus square feet of RV home. All of the resent rainy days have had brief periods dry enough that I have taken short walks. Today it just didn’t make sense to step outside. The rain was heavy enough that driving was a risk. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t go if necessary, but I can put off grocery shopping for another day. Staying inside with the sound of rain on the roof is challenging. Watching TV during the downpours isn’t really possible. Instead, I put in my noise canceling ear buds and listen to YouTube or podcasts on my tablet or phone. The content is more varied than the content on TV.

The Monday departures from the resort seemed to hurry this morning to beat the rain. It looked exceptionally empty later in the day. One of the departing guests was from the site beside me. The big diesel motor home pulled out at about 9AM. I thought it was here for the long haul. All though I never had a chance to confirm it, I think the female part of the couple was in the hospital last week. I saw her when I first arrived and again yesterday. All of last week the male part of the couple would leave around 9AM, come back at noon to walk the dog and then depart again until seven or eight at night. I suppose it could be any form of daily commitment, but when I’ve seen similar behavior in the past it has been associated with a hospitalization. Life happens even when you are a traveler.


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