Time to Dry Out and Get Groceries

Tuesday May 23rd 2023

Yesterday’s rain continued off and on into the evening. This morning I learned the rainfall totals were from four to six inches in this area. It has looked like it would rain at any minute all day, but it remained dry until shortly after 8PM this evening. Rain is in the hourly forecast for the next twenty four hours. I suspect the forecast will be refined over time and it won’t be raining all the time. The good news about today’s rain threat is its impact on the temperature. The overcast sky kept the temperature down.

I finally got to Walmart for groceries today. I’ve been eating from the freezer and getting creative since Saturday. One thing or another kept giving me an excuse not to deal with that particular chore. I don’t hate food shopping, but it can be tedious dealing with other shoppers. The store was fairly busy today. I had to wait to get access to the meat counter. Getting near the beef was particularly difficult. Lines at the checkout were also extensive. I prefer to use the “assisted checkout” even when the cashiers are as fast as a snail in worm race. Today was one of those days.

I came home with everything I needed to restock the pantry and refrigerator. The stuff I used from the freezer got replaced as well. Judging by the final cost, I probably over bought. I spent about twenty dollars more than the new usual. The new usual is already thirty to forty dollars more than the pre pandemic cost for my grocery runs. Most of that is inflation, but it also represents a slightly longer period between grocery runs.

Today’s dry weather also allowed me to get back to walking around the campground. It is at mid week occupancy levels. They manage to spread out the guests so it doesn’t look vacant, but clearly there are more empty sites than occupied ones. One good thing about yesterday’s rain is how it cleaned up some of the sand and dirt that was on the decorative stones that lined the upgraded sites. They looked very crisp.


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