A Stormy Sunday

Sunday May 21st 2023

It was sunny when I got up this morning. As the morning progressed clouds moved in and started to obscure the sunshine. During the afternoon a brief storm would pass through every hour or so. This evening, as I’m writing this blog entry, there is a heavy thunderstorm lingering overhead. Flashes of lightening filter through the gaps in the blinds and the sound of rain on my RV home’s roof completely drowns out the TV. It hasn’t been a great weather day.

The southern edge of the storm front approaching from the west.

The park emptied out quickly this morning. By the time the 11AM checkout time arrived there were only about twelve units left in the sixty or so sites in this area of the campground. When I walked around the rest of the campground I found it equally as empty. I really thought there might be more people staying during the week leading up to the holiday weekend. Perhaps the return to more traditional work styles as opposed to work from home has resulted in a return to weekend only camping for many.

I got lost in research mode on the internet today. This was one of those times that I looked up one little thing which led to another and another. Before I knew it a few hours had gone by. In the end I read a lot of information, learned a few things, but didn’t reach any conclusions. That is pretty typical for me. I study and ruminate on a subject for a long time, then make decision and move out forward quickly, when I least expect it. There is always a plan or a plan for a plan.


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