Yet Another Lazy Saturday

Saturday May 20th 2023

The temperature was a little lower today, but the humidity seemed higher. The temperature peaked in the low eighties under a sunny sky. There didn’t seem to be thunderstorms anywhere in the area. Each of the next few days has a higher chance of rain.

I got a very slow start to the day. I woke up at my usual time, but rolled over a few times while I waited for the hot water heater to do its job. I had it turned off yesterday and overnight. It usually takes about half an hour before I’m sure the water is ready for my morning shower. Today I gave it more than an hour.

It really was another lazy Saturday. I committed to plans for the next two plus weeks. First I extended here as long as I could. I am now going to leave here on Thursday. This park is full for the holiday weekend. Rather than going to an Army Corp of Engineers park for the holiday weekend and beyond, I’ll go to an inland commercial campground that I’ve used for a similar holiday weekend escape in the past. This isolates me from any issues with the federally funded park closing abruptly because of the debt ceiling. Most likely this is over thinking, but I’m removing a possible future stress.

This park was quiet during the day. Most of the people that are here for the weekend were out doing things today. St. Augustine is a tourist draw. In addition to the old city and fort, there are beaches and a few typical tourist attractions. Judging by traffic I’m guessing that the beaches and boating are the biggest weekend draws. Staying off the roads and out of those areas on weekends when you can go during the week is my approach to touring in this area.


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