Last Day in Kissimmee

Wednesday May 3rd 2023

Today’s weather was a repeat of Tuesday. It was a bright sunny day with lots of wind and low humidity. This is the third day with very similar conditions. The result is a heightened fire danger. Most of central Florida has Red Flag warnings issued. Tomorrow and Friday are expected to be similar. By Saturday the humidity and rain potential returns.

On my alternating day schedule for theme park visits today should have been a day at one of the theme parks, but it is also my last full day at this location. I chose to focus more on doing errands in the area and getting ready to move tomorrow. One of my goals today was scoping out a gas station to fill the motorhome’s tank. The station I’ve used in the past is in the opposite direction from the most logical direction of travel, but it still seems to be the best bet. It has easy access, doesn’t seem to be too busy and isn’t outrageous with its prices. I’ll just travel on local roads most of the way rather than Interstate 4. My biggest problem tomorrow will be killing time. I have to be out of here by 11AM and can’t check in at my destination until 1PM. From experience I know both places are rather strict. I have to stretch 15 miles into two plus hours of travel.

Traffic along the tourist part of US 192 in Kissimmee was horrible this afternoon. The good news is the area is looking more prosperous than it has the last few years. There are fewer empty parking lots and buildings for lease. With increased business comes more traffic. I managed to stop at every light going east and then again returning west. The traffic lights can also be a savior. I wouldn’t have been able to turn into Camping World without the help of the traffic light cycle. As it is I had to wait several minutes. It wasn’t worth it. I didn’t buy anything. Although they did have lots of mattresses for RV beds. I’m just not in the market for one.


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