From Kissimmee to Davenport

Thursday May 4th 2023

There was a little less wind and a little more humidity today. The sky remained mostly cloud free, so the sun was able to heat the air into the upper eighties. Staying out of the sun was key to remaining comfortable outside.

I was up early to allow plenty of time to finish packing and depart Tropical Palms RV Resort before the 11AM checkout. My timing was pretty good. I turned in my key card at the gatehouse at 10:59AM. The only hitch in the departure process was squeezing into the dump station. The branches along the dump side of the facility were hanging a little low. I had to stay well away from the branches and the necessary hole in the ground. That meant I had to put out additional sewer hose to accomplish the dump.

Three miles down the road was my first stop. I filled the motorhome’s gas tank with one hundred and ninety plus dollars worth of liquid gold. The station was a trade off of five cents a gallon more for ease of access. The only down side is it was a quicker than normal stop. There was a high credit card authorization limit so I only had to pass the card through the machine once. I was trying to wast time until I could check in at my new location at 1PM. It was around 11:30AM when I finished my gas stop.

I took a very winding route toward my destination using local streets. I reached the Interstate 4 and US 27 intersection where my destination is located at noon. Instead of proceeding to the campground I got on I-4 westbound. About 8 miles down the road is a rest area that proved to be a good parking location for an hour. I returned eastbound on I-4 to my destination shortly after 1PM. Overall I managed to travel double the actual distance in about four times the amount of time it should have taken to travel fifteen miles.

Site 53 at the Orlando Southwest KOA.

I’ll be at the Orlando Southwest KOA until Sunday. I was last here at the beginning of February. There has been a big change since then. The big lot beside the campground has gone from pine trees to brown dirt. The area is filled with big earth moving equipment working on site prep work for condos or apartments. Nobody seemed to be sure. I’ll probably find out next year.


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