Active Monday leads to Slow Tuesday

Tuesday May 2nd 2023

The weather continued its current run of warmth, wind and low humidity. The temperature climbed a few degrees above yesterday’s highs into the upper eighties and the blustery wind continued.

That over the shoulder look

Today turned into a low energy kind of day. After yesterday afternoon at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, I was tired last night. Walking from one side of the theme park to the other and back a few times all the time dealing with crowd navigation took more out of me than I thought. I was slow to get up this morning and really didn’t want to do much all day. I got a few chores accomplished and took a few walks around the RV park, but I didn’t get involved in any big tasks.

This RV resort emptied out on Sunday and more on Monday, but today it seems to be filling up again. I like that people are arriving to make up for the departed residents. On Monday as the last few RVs that had been here when I arrived departed, I was feeling left behind. It is a strange feeling that has no real justification since I never even talked to any of them, but it tends to happen occasionally. This time perhaps it is because we all “survived” last weeks episodes of severe weather. I have a couple of more days here before I move on.

Turtle with just enough head above water to eat the green slime.

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