Traffic and Birds

Tuesday April 18th 2023

The temperature got down to the add a second blanket level last night. It was sixty degrees inside my RV home this morning. By mid afternoon the temperature peaked in the low eighties. The redeeming factor was the unusual low humidity. Overall it was another comfortable day.

There is an annoying combination of construction and traffic in this area. Heavy traffic is common in populated areas of Florida while the snowbirds are around. I understand that and generally tolerate it with a few grumbles (often in this blog) thrown in for good measure. Around this area the added complication of construction makes it seem worse. The major area of construction is along Interstate 75, but there are pockets of work in other parts of the greater Sarasota area. It tends to add an unpredictable amount of time and frustration to every trip.

This morning I avoided the I-75 construction and returned to the nearby Walmart for shopping. This isn’t the best stocked store in the chain, but I can get to it with only a few local construction sites on my route. Getting to the bigger Walmart stores requires a trip on Interstate 75 or a lot of traffic lights with stop and go traffic on local streets. Once again I got all of the significant groceries I needed, but still had a few items on my list for another time.

After a couple of nights with vacancies, the campground seems to be full again tonight. Since it is the middle of the week, most of the new arrivals are travelers. They seem to stop long enough to setup their RVs before heading out. This evening as darkness settled in they returned to the park increasing the activity level all around.


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