After the Rain

Monday April 17th 2023

About the time I finished posting my blog last night the sky opened up. A line of thunderstorms passed through the area. In this immediate area it was more of a light and sound show than a rain event. It was quiet again when I went to bed, but in the early morning hours the rain began aggressively. It was over by eight and the sun was out by nine this morning. The morning TV weather forecast reported that some locations in the area received over two inches of rain. It is needed. The weather after the rain was great. The temperature peaked in the high seventies and the humidity was down.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

During my daily walks the evidence of last nights rain was everywhere. There were many puddles to avoid and a few trenches created by the runoff. Even so the river level still seems to be down from the already low level it was at when I arrived here. It will take some time for last nights rain to reach the river, so maybe the water level will be up a little tomorrow.


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